Swami Riten
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Swami Riten's death
by Disha

just a quick note on riten...

he had some aches in his neck and shoulder the past months but was in a great space having just done a beautiful duet song performance in susie and jali's workshop the week before the doctors decided there couldnt be anything wrong with his heart because he was so active and healthy he made a cup of tea in the morning and ran himself a bath and died of a heart attack in the tub

Santosh found him looking peaceful in a warm tub
Santosh must be happy he and his wife and daughter moved here last year and got to enjoy lots of time with granddad (in the pictures the kids are his grand daughter and saul+ deepa's girls)

For me there was a presense of great light around him for days after he went and the celebration was exceptional...
a bit of a cross between the osho style and the more western "funeral service" but gorgeous

Susanna and Santosh and Aruna and friends each gave a little speach and many friends and kids came to give him a good send off with goodbye letters in a big basket at his feet i am grateful i am alive and my body is happy and well!

there are many people struggling with cancer or close to death lately and that is always a wake up call, when someone like riten goes out of the blue...
into the blue...


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