Hi everyone.
Nirvan died in Barnstaple hospital last night (8. Feb.) about 11:30 pm.
When I arrived he had great difficulty breathing, there just wasn't enough oxygen getting into his blood. Hilary (Hamido) and I spent several hours with him. He got calmer and calmer, despite his breathing difficulty. He couldn't talk anymore, he just held on to my hand and let go of life, bit by bit. It was terribly moving. He didn't want them to prolong his life with machines, he even refused a brain scan. Over the last year he had prepared everything for his death, finances, funeral, and so on.
We had been so close over the last years, he was my best friend.
And now he is gone. Left a big, Nirvan sized hole in our life.

He loved you, you know, Ko Hsuan and all the kids who've ever been there.


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