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Swami Krishna Prem

Dear friends,
This is from Canadian Krishna Prem who used to be in the Press Office in Pune 1 and the Ranch.

k With love to you,
Rama Prem

ps: He is not American Mogul Krishna Prem from G.U.R.U

"Well the heart's now OK, with its new stent, after the heart attack, but being in the hospital also revealed cancer (metastases) in the liver & lung, and it's not curable. So no chemo or other treatments for this boy. My whole voyage with Osho has been about surrender and now that Existence obviously wants me to vacate this body, am going to surrender with grace. Medicine is about prolonging life; to me, if the signs are clear, that's just needless interference. I'm being and will be well taken care of - Sourabh (all that's changed is the structure; the love and friendship are as deep as they ever were) and a circle of close friends to laugh with, and some excellent healthcare folk to make the body as comfortable as possible as I begin the vacating process. As the news spreads the telephone is starting to ring a lot, so I'm going to write everyone and ask them to email not phone. I want my energy to be free to focus on traveling in towards the silence not outward into social intercourse. So there we go. No Canada for me, obviously.
I feel now like my ties are being cut and the balloon is beginning to float away.
It's quite beautiful, actually.
I send you lots of love. Please write whenever you feel to.

Love, Krishna Prem"

krishna prem :: jack allanach

Beloved friends, Veena sent this and I thought you might want to hear this too!

With love, Bhagawati

I spoke to Pratima today as I knew she had visited KP last week.
She said he is going fast and shE knew she wouldnt see him alive again.
She told him she was saying goodbye on behalf of all of us that couldnt be there in the body.
But Sourabh will still read him emails if you wish to send them.

He is still joking -- till the end!!

Much love, Veena

krishna prem :: jack allanach


Dear Friends,

Yesterday, Sunday, Krishna Prem vacated the flesh, this biodegradable earthly host with the hidden use-by date.
I was with him and his departure was very peaceful.

The farewell celebration happened at Mevlana* just outside Byron Bay on Saturday 15th September at 11.00am, followed, at 3.30pm by a burning of the body at the Lismore Crematorium**.

Please note the old "realware" email address is now defunct.
Any correspondence should be addressed to:


29 Blaxland Road
Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782
+612 4757 2667
Mobile: 0418 408 105


To all of those who have had Krishna Prem in their hearts This is Kim writing from my home near Mullumbimby in Byron Shire.

Yesterday, in the middle of a birthday party here for Mahant's 61st, Asango had a phone call from Sourabh to let us know that Krish had left us.
It had happened just a few hours earlier around noontime.

Let me tell you first that it was also Sourabh's 50th birthday. This was both an incredible gift for Sourabh ("the best i could have had", she told me this morning) and maybe a last bit of KP humour: "You'll always remember me now, honey!".

It was also somehow beautifully fitting that we should hear the news and share it during a party here. How many wonderful evenings have we had here on the deck with get-togethers starring Krishn Prem! And many of those here yesterday have shared those times with KP. We had a moment of deep silence, and then Mahant blew out the candles on his cake (all 3 of them!), and led a boisterous champagne toast to are departed beloved.

Sourabh told Asango that his passing was very peaceful. His breathing had become very shallow, and with Sourabh by his side, he simply let go.
Sourabh, as well as her sister, Sambodhi, and Divy (who were also in the house with Krish) will be arranging the necessary "shipment" details today [for the body to come up here].
The celebration and cremation will probably happen at Mevlana on Saturday.
We will know in an hour or two.
What a family!



For now I would like to express my gratitude and many thanks for all the emails, loving words, flowers and tributes I received.

Krish's celebration at Mevlana Hall was very beautiful and the day was filled with tears, love and laughter.

There will be pictures and the eulogy Krish wrote himself posted on various Osho websites.

As I try to gather a bit of ground under my feet it will take a while til I can answer your emails individually. I hope you understand.

Much love to you all

krishna prem :: jack allanach

krishna prem :: jack allanach

krishna prem :: jack allanach

krishna prem :: jack allanach