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Beloved Krishna Prem, or KP as we used to call you in the old days.

I'm Tarot-Bodhi, the guy you nicknamed 'the cosmic chambermaid' because of the minirobes, nearly miniskirts, I used to don while cleaning the rooms in Lao Tzu circa 1977.

I was forwarded your mail announcing your 'vacating process'. I'm deeply touched by your grace, your dignity and sense of humor. And when you write, 'it's quite beautiful actually', my heart feels a kind of joy and gratitude for the courage you give me and others whose date of departure is as yet unknown.  

You were one of the first people I met when I arrived in Poona. Your introduction to THE WAY OF THE WHITE CLOUDS on that first cheap Indian edition was an eye-opener for me, and that book took me straight into sannyas. For that I'm eternally grateful to you. Eventually I translated The Way into Italian while sitting in that wonderful open space by the old Buddha Hall. What a marvelous life we have had!

And remember our first press office release AN EXPERIMENT TO PROVOKE GOD?  With Osho telling you to re-write the whole thing don't know how many times?! It was hilarious.

Nowadays I works as an astrologer, mostly in Switzerland and Italy, and twice a year I run to a little ashram on the Indian Himalayas. Arya Vihar it is called, built around a man named Giridhar you may have heard of.  I was blessed to fall in love again with a Master.

I would like to remain informed about you.

And I will keep you in my heart beloved friend,

until we meet again,

with love and His blessings,



hi, devakrishna here
i don't know if you remember me, or mybe you know my face but not my name or viceversa
i know you from puna 1 and the ranch and saw you 2 seconds in puna 2 passing by the german bakery
they called me crazy krishna
or swiss krishna
or swiss italian krishna
anyway is not important

ramaprem circulated your email wich i will forward to my list of friends i think know you.

a very ,very refresching email from someone on his death bed gives me hope to be in that clear space also when i check out and hope to be able to surrender with trust as you do and let go in the ultimate orgasm ......

thanx you so much!! your email put everything in the right prospective this morning wakin up in the middle of needless mind fucks .....

love krish


mi tocca e mi commuove vedere come i sannyasin stanno affrontando la fine del percorso nel corpo con questa semplice dignità, così piena di grazia.... o per non suonare troppo cattolici, grateful.

E' sicuramente un'ispirazione anche per me.

Spero che qualcuno ne raccolga un giorno le testimonianze: è come un po' ritrovarsi alla fine del viaggio.



Most beloved Krishna, Not many words from another Krishna,but... feeling the dance...yours ...his. ,in my heart ... seeing your smile..hearing your crackle and sending you light and the love that I always felt for you...
Buon viaggio my friend!

Krishna Radha


you never know when departure actually happens... ( just my experience from my life as a doc... )
Very nice that you share this, very nice what Krishna Prem writes. No unnecessary fight, no hassle, being with friends, celebrating every moment...

Love Divakar


Thanks for sending me the message about KP.
He is a great guy, and I always enjoyed his company.
I sent him a message.
thanks for keeping us all connected, even though we are spread all over the planet.

Love, Vimal


Dear Krishna Prem,
You don't know me.
I saw your departure comment on Otoons and so deeply touched that I had to write.
I'm an Osho sannyasin (3 years now) and just moved to Nepal, where my parents live.
I am so touched by your grace.
I wish to be the same when it's my time to go.
Life is a challenge with its ups and downs, and I get bogged down sometimes and lose my focus.
Your comment put everything in perspective.
Life is so beautiful, live it to the fullest.
I love you...

With much love,
Ma Bodhi Sujata


yes, thanks for the info re. krishna prem.
beautiful, his letting go.
certainly an inspiration.

love Milarepa


It seems it's that kind of time again. First Krishnaprem and then about 10 days ago I heard about Sudha... that journey is always just around the corner. So touching the way he put it in words ... he puts his craft to work till the end.



HI Krishna Prem,
You defintily and probably don't remember me.
You passed through Switzerland once in the 90's with Sourabh once and I happen to be there... I remember someone saying "this is Krishna Prem..." And then I was catapulted back when I was 17-18 and falling in love with Osho and looking at these Osho magasines and there were Krishna Prem from the Press Office. You looked like an authority (remember I was young) and I felt wohaa I want to work there. Today I'm 46 and still in love with Osho... I wish you a "Bon Voyage" on your way returning home, deeply touched by your sense of humour and sending you a smile.

Rani (the french one)


High Devakrishna...
thanks for keeping me updated about the Krishna Prem...
as you can imagine, I get the occasional email wishing me a find send off.
I can only say his letter in your website is a fine lesson in let go, I hope I have the grace to feel the same way.

For now, I am here and fine... love to you the divine Ms. Meera...
the other "KP"


Beloved Krishna Prem,
I am pretty sure, you don`t know me by name - only by face
I am very touched by your mail and your straight decision to go
from this life without taking all the useless medicine that is usually offered.
I am refreshed by your love and saneness and wish you from all my
heart an easy journey in the unknown. We will all follow you . one day.
May your days until the final ecstasy be full of joy.

All my love .. Prem Shrira


This is Prageet
just wanting to say thankyou for the message about K.P.
I got very touched by it today....
I wrote to him and wished him well.
I don't know the guy personally, but have lots of friends in common, when one of us is checkin' out, the wave ripples out and starts bouncing around the community big time... DEATH... Puts it all in perspective.

thankyou, love Prageet.


I knew about KP already but really enjoy the whole web site, and perhaps especially the section on death and dying...since we are all heading in that direction....and since how we live right now determines how we will die then....
Thanks and greetings to you and meera and much love from edmonton canada



beloved krishna prem,
love and light from the andes in south america
swami yama.


Beloved Sw.Krishna Prem
I am not as senior as you people, who were fortunate to be with bhagawan, but still I get the fragrance of 'OSHO' essential teachings from you.
Any way no Words, Om.....

Where to Meet after Death

Dogo paid a visit to his sick fellow monk, Ungan.
"Where can I see you again if you die and leave only your corpse?" Dogo asked.
"I will meet you where nothing dies," Ungan replied.
Dogo criticized his response saying, "What you should have said is that there is no place where nothing is born and nothing dies and that we need not see each other at all."

yours ananda sunkanpally,
(sw.pantha aikanto)


Beloved K.P.
thanks for the reminder that we're all in the queue .
Everything falls into perspective , again.
Huge Love to you , you cool wierd so excellent dude !

Aussie Vimal


Dearest KP,
Deeply touched by your message and by your bold and friendly engagement with your next embarkation.
Long since we saw each other.
I send you all my love, Anand Rajen as you knew me back then,


Beloved KP,
you look so cosy and well cared for, we've all been so fantastically well cared for this time round - thanks for the reminder, and huge cyber hugs,



...creating the site about Canadian Krishna Prem
This is beautiful ...
I remember in Pune when there was a death celebration I had to look for photo in photo services Archive, go Buddhahall, make Photo's ... develop ... print ... sent to Press ... what a Job-
never had time to Celebrate myself .
Anyway, now I have otoons.com and the Internet.
I hear the Party started in Canada? He is leaving his body?.
And very nice to have such an support of Love with you and your Site....thanks again.
Love,I found some nice quotes for KP and I was preoccupied with the News from Sudha. I thought I have more time (spent my time e-mailing Su) ... my mistake ... but anyway KP is so high already ... and has much supporting LOVE. This quotes from OSHO are for all the friends who will be left in grief behind....

"Now understand this. It means that you have been discontented for many years, but what have you gained? Discontent has gone on growing.You will remain discontented. Now learn a different art, the name of that art is contentment, or sannyas. These two are synonymous. Sannyas means contentment. What is : this much is plenty. Why is it so? It seems surprising. Why have I received so much? I have not earned it. I am not worthy, not deserving.Thou hast given, it is thy gift! I am thankful. I am grateful. Dance, tie ankle bells to your feet let the hand beats the drums.Dance! Dance in ecstasy!!! And then you will find that every day more and more gifts start coming. The deeper your thankfulness becomes,the more god's kindness will start showering on you. If there is a drizzle now then a torrential downpour of bliss will come."

OSHO: Death is Divine

love Katha


Beloved Devarishna,
Thank you so much for the beautiful way you keep us all connected.
I am very touched by KP and his dignity...will write to him too.
Much love to you and Meera



Hallo Dear Krishna Prem.
Namaste OM.
Osho Greetings with you.
I see your beautiful energy and we will continue being together, that is how I feel.
With your kind permission I send you my love and tell you my site www.taza.com.br , in brasil, living.
As far as said Sw Dhyan Purnam, my music comes from the UNIVERSE, equilibrates all chacras and harmonizes all you next lives when you re-incarnate.
So I offer it to you.
In my site there are samples of my music, but one of my works was recorded inside tthe mandir of the Osho UTA Institute and in Bielfelder Osho devarata M C. It is called Goddess-of-Night I made a group here in yahoo which is goddess-of-night-subscribe@yahoogrupos.com.br (brasilian portuguese)!!! and I like to insert you in the group, OR if you like, you can send this clicking here up and I put you in.
On the archives of the group, you can find the complet CD Goddess Of Night in mp3.
Would you like to?
It would not be possible for me to send you all others because of the price of the sending, but I would offer them to you just for the price of the sending, as to say.
I would love to hear from you, if you are meant to write down in your PC.
How do you feel?
I feel simples sincere love for you.
I never understand if I am going to reincarnate, but, well, we see us maybe one day.

Swami Anand Taza - sergio herrmann lemke - são paulo BRAZIL
PS Hope I am NOT disturbing you.


Beloved Krishna Prem, knowing you basically for your art and only meeting you a couple of times in pune, I still feel very connected and send you lot's of good energy to take this next part of your journey without hassle.
I am sure you are in good hands and wish you well.
Thanks so much for sharing.
In tears and love

Save trip (can't be otherwise anyway, no?)

Yours Rishi


Thank you Devakrishna for info. I proceeded it to orkut one OSHO community.

Ma Prem Kumari


probably the last time i will say 'hi' to you for a while. feels quite weird ... this departing time, Death. everything coming so much to focus. just zooming in from the periphery to midline and watching ... letting it go ... feeling, sensing the gap get bigger. you put it so beautifully - 'the balloon rising, floating away'. and then i guess there is a big expansion.
wishing you a beautiful journey and the courage to just let go.
with love arpita


HI Krish,
I guess you heard already but in case not, Pratima called Veena a few hours ago(who then called me) that Krishna Prem left the body last night.
I was almost certain that it would be now.....'existence has its timing', as Osho said, and it is the same day as Disha died, and it is Mahaparanirvana day.....!
The celebration will be in Byron on Friday if all goes to plan.
Hari Om!!
Love Dhiren


We used to love each other ...
We still do it.

Fare you well,
my love,
and see you soon ...


Farewell Beloved Krishna Prem,

In deep gratitude I send my love and best wishes on this next journey of yours.

Your inspiration and reminder of personal priorities lives on in my heart.

Om Shanti,


Beloved one,
Though we never met in the body in this life, I recognise something familiar in your photo that was taken some time before you left off. I admire the softness in your face and the happy smile that showed your love for Osho and the existence.

So happy for you now that the long earthly journey finished in an equinamity and a peaceful going over....
As one of the many sanyassins I wish you the beautiful embrace of the divine and a great thank you!!
Love, Ma Archan Sukhita, the Netherlands


Beloved Krishna Prem..........love,
........the blessings of the Beloved.....are with you...:)
....love.....vimalgit :)




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