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Hi friends; I have a bad news, Kiran left his body last night. Lot of love

Dear Friends of Kiran,
with profound grief, I inform you all that Kiran passed away on the morning of 30th March 2006.
He died as he has lived... peacefully, without suffering and without troubling anybody.
Let us try to keep the small spark he has created in all of us, alive and let us try to accept this event.
We, the blood family of Kiran, thank all of you for all the wishes and request you to maintain a 2 minute silence in his memory at 9 am (indian time) tomorrow, the 1st of April.
in deep sorrow
Sanjay ... kiran's son


Dear ones,
I am very glad that I have the opportunity of meeting so loving Friends that help me in my search for Truth. Kiran was one of these loving ones. A rebel spirit that was always full of live and gist. I hope that his example may help others in diretion to find the light of Consciousness. For the ones that feel that a master is yet necessary I recommend Ramesh Balsekar in Bombay.

Many blessings for all Swami Nirav Kanan


The last & nicest pictures of our Beloved in Goa ... With mucho Love to all his friends

Beloved friends No words, His light and peace will be always with us. Much love to all of you
Sirus & Shantana

Im greatful to existence that this beautiful soul has been with us. For me he was a fingerpost with a huge heart? ?and because of him I am that what Im now!

I also send you what astrology says to it. Because on Wednesday was a solar eclipse with new moon in Aries. I'm sorry it's in German.

"Eine Sonnenfinsternis ist in der Astrologie ein ganz wichtiges Ereignis. Sie kündigt stets grundlegende Veränderungen an; Ereignisse mit langfristigen Konsequenzen. Für die alten Astrologen war eine Sonnenfinsternis ein schlechtes Omen, weil sich das Sonnenlicht - das Symbol für die Lebenskraft - verfinstert. Ein Ereignis, das auch die Tiere wahrnehmen: So verstummen während der Verfinsterung beispielsweise die Vögel.

Heute interpretiert man eine Sonnenfinsternis differenzierter, auf jeden Fall aber als enorm kraftvolle Konstellation. Oft können wir im Weltgeschehen beobachten, dass ein Herrscher oder eine charismatische Person gestürzt wird oder stirbt. So sind zum Beispiel Papst Paul II. und Lady Diana, die «Prinzessin der Herzen», bei einer Sonnenfinsternis ums Leben gekommen. Schauen wir also gut hin, was in dieser Woche auf der Welt passiert, aber schauen wir auch, was sich in unserem persönlichen Leben grundlegend verändern will. Es ist Zeit für einen Neubeginn!" Apsara

Beloved Friends,
Only today, after a few days in a kind of a silent shock, not really grasping the magnitude of of the feelings inside and with no desire at all for words, I feel?again like sharing some thoughts & insights with you all.
I apologize in advance to those who are not yet ready for words and would rather stay?silent with their feelings ...
I feel extremely fortunate and grateful to have been able to share with Kiran our last ten days together in Goa last January and to have spoken to him over the phone on March 19th, the day he was leaving to Gujarat and myself back to Europe. He told me then that everything was fine...
When I can stop my emotional & romantic mind for a moment, still attached to his physical presence, so beautiful and graceful, so peaceful and luminous, all I really feel is his radiant energy within me, stronger and clearer then ever.
I remember only six months ago, when my mother passed away - then a well expected and prepared event for her and the whole family -? I strangely only felt elation and a deep relaxation, instead of the unbearable pain I was expecting and fearing.? In serious doubt about my lack of sadness, I asked Kiran about it, he simply said : "Good, that's how it should be"...
If that was then an existential way to check on the reality of so many years of so-called meditation, what about now, this ultimate test, the? physical disappearance of the Master?
But I also remember that when Osho left his body in 1990, I had felt the same elation, relaxation and gratitude I am feeling now. So maybe, after all, all these past years on the way with those luminous Beings are now bearing some fruits.
Having been so close to Kiran for the last thirteen years, I was loving him as my best Friend ever rather than as a Master. I realize now that there was a deeper connection of which I may not have been completely aware...
The fact is, no matter how cool that may sound, that in spite of the very soft sadness deep inside, today seems to be just like another day, a beautiful spring day blossoming with flowers and with birds chirping everywhere...
Kiran used to repeat "the same song, again and again" but finally we might have started unknowingly to sing it with him,? with Saburi (Patience) & Shradda (Trust), on the way?towards Acceptance, which he considered the master key ...
Kiran the man is gone forever, but his luminous energy has dissolved in all of us, of that I am sure, to stay forever alive in our hearts...
As Buddha invited?his Friends to be a light unto themselves, he also told them "chereveti, chereveti" (keep going, keep going). Going where, I don't know, but let's keep going.
And if possible together, even if the way is a solitary one. For when the Buddha is gone, there remains the Sangha, the family of Friends, the second best way to keep going, in order not to go astray or fall asleep again and again ... until we are all ready to be on our own completely - which in a way we already are even if we don't know it - facing alone like warriors the Dhamma, the very Life (including Death) itself...
So let the caravan of Friends chereveti, chereveti and feel free to join it or leave it at any chosen moment...
Amen. Enough for today.
I love you all as I love Him.
To all of you,?mucho Love & Laughter (any way) - the way he would have liked it, I am sure ...
Satyanaji? aka? Nasruddin

yes to know that you have been living singing your loving song kiran is and will always be part of the eternal reality thank you so much for all and everything your total acceptance of life the way it was happening in all the situations i remember.....

Hello, I had written this message for the Kirans group in Yahoo and Apsara invited me to post it also on this page and I am glad to do so as I can never praise the beauty and love of Kiran enough. First I like to thank the webmaster that has created ...

I was touched by the loving messages (anf the picture of course...), I also met kiran in pune in the ninetiees and, later on, a couple of time in switzerland... what fo say? I think we all remember him for ever... lot of love to you all

thank you kiran

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