Jesus says, "Carry your cross every day." He says to remember death... and still let every moment be a celebration of life. Death is coming: that is all the more deep a reason to celebrate. Because who knows? -- this may be the last moment.

This moment of life is not to be destroyed by the fear of death, but AGAINST death, in contrast to death, this moment has to be celebrated. It has to be celebrated even more deeply, because who knows? -- the next moment we may not be here. While the bridegroom is here, celebrate it. The parable of the bridegroom can have a very inner meaning. Within you, your body is the body of death and your consciousness is life, the source of life.
You are both. Your body is going to die: it belongs to the earth -- dust unto dust. It will have to go, it will return to its source. You belong to the sky, you belong to God -- your consciousness is separate from your body.
This is the meaning of Jesus on the cross.
Everybody is on the cross because consciousness lives in the body and the body is death.

If you understand, you know that everybody is on the cross. But that should not become a pessimism. On the contrary, that should be all the more reason to celebrate. The bridegroom is within you and the body is the chamber of the bridegroom.
Celebrate it! Jesus is not contradictory; Jesus is absolutely simple. The contradiction is in life itself: that life exists through death and death exists through life. Life itself is the paradox. But that is the beauty also.
All beauty exists in contrast and all of life exists as a tension between opposites. It is a bridge built on two banks: death and life.

Celebrate every moment because this may be the last moment. But while celebrating, don't forget that death is coming. Remember it.

Remembering should not become an obsession; remembrance should .....

Come Follow To You,
Vol 2
Chapter #2

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