Meditation is total death

If a person can die conscious, alert, he will remember his past life. That's how India discovered that there is not only one life; millions of times you have lived. You are not new, you are very ancient pilgrims. But each time you died reluctantly, unconsciously; hence you forgot everything.

The mystic dies voluntarily. The mystic dies before the actual death; he dies in meditation. Lovers know a little bit of it because fifty percent of love is death. That's why love is very close to meditation. Lovers know something of meditativeness; unawares they have stumbled upon it. Lovers know silence, stillness. Lovers know timelessness, but they have stumbled upon it -- it has not been their basic search.

The mystic goes into it very consciously, deliberately...

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha,
Vol 4
Chapter #7
Chapter title: See yourself in others

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