Friedrich Nietzsche is right. He says, "Please, don't destroy people's lies, their illusions, because if you destroy their illusions they will not be able to live at all; they will collapse." They will not find anything worth living for.
They live because of the illusions; the illusions keep on giving them hope. They live in the tomorrow which never comes.
They live in their ambitions which are never fulfilled; but whether fulfilled or not, through those ambitions and desires and illusions and expectations and hopes they can drag their lives up to their graves. If you destroy their illusions, they may simply drop dead here and now because then there would be no point in living.

And whenever you think of suicide, remember, why are you thinking of suicide? Some hope has turned sour, some expectation has turned into a frustration...

Ah, This!
Chapter #3
Chapter title: I am Higher

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