Life and death are two aspects of existence simultaneously happening together.
Ordinarily, you have been taught to think of death as being against life.
Death is not against life -- life is not possible without death.
Death is the very ground on which life exists.
Death and life are like two wings: the bird cannot fly with one wing, and the being cannot be without death.
So the first thing is a clear understanding of what we mean by death.
Death is an absolutely necessary process for life to be.
It is not the enemy, it is the friend.
And it is not there somewhere in the future, it is here, now.
It is not going to happen, it has been always happening.
Since you have been here it has been with you.
With each exhalation it happens -- a little death, a small death -- but because of fear we have put it in the future...

Ancient Music in the Pines
Chapter #8
Chapter title: Three Mysteries

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