Many saints have declared their deaths, but I have not come across a single instance when the death was declared before nine months.
Exactly nine months before, a man of awareness, uncluttered with the past... because one who never thinks of the future will never think of the past.
They are together, the past and future are together, joined together.
When you think of the future it is nothing but the projection of the past; when you think of the past it is nothing but trying to plan for the future.
They are together.
The present is out of them.
A man who lives in this moment now and here is not cluttered with the past and not cluttered with the future.
He remains unburdened.
He has no burden to carry, he moves without weight.
The gravitation doesn't affect him.
In fact, he doesn't walk, he flies.
He has wings.... Before he dies, exactly nine months before, he will become aware that death is coming.
And he will enjoy and he will celebrate and he will say to people, "My ship is coming, and I am only for a little while more on this bank. Soon I will be going to my home. This life has been beautiful, a strange experience. I loved, learned, lived much, I am enriched. I had come here with nothing and I am going with much experience, much maturity."
He will be thankful to all that has happened -- good and bad both, right and wrong ...

Just Like That
Chapter #10
Chapter title: Just a small coin

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