A poor man is never hopeless, a rich man always is.
And if you find a rich man who is not yet hopeless it is certain he is not yet rich.
Hopelessness is the symbol of being rich.
A poor man can hope.
Millions of things are there which he has not got.
He can dream, he can hope that when these things are there he will have attained the target.
Then everything will be okay, he will be happy.
This man pursued happiness for sixty years.
At sixty death is coming nearer, and he must have felt it that night, because whenever a birthday comes a subtle feeling of death arises.
To suppress that feeling we celebrate birthdays.
Whenever a birthday comes, on that day it is impossible to forget death.
To help you forget, friends come and greet you and they say, "This is your birthday."
Every birthday is a death day, because one more year has gone, death is nearing.
In fact a birthday is not a birthday, cannot be -- death is approaching, death is coming nearer.
Time is slipping fast through the fingers.
The very earth on which you are standing is being pulled away.
Soon you will be in the abyss.
A birthday is a death day.
To hide it, to suppress it, the society has created tricks.
People will come with flowers and gifts to help you forget that death is coming nearer -- and they call it a birthday.

Just Like That
Chapter #7
Chapter title: A man who loved seagulls

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