The bird will go on singing, and die, and will not be aware even for a single moment that death is coming.
But if you are not aware of death, how can you be aware of life?
Awareness of life is at a cost; the cost has to be paid.
That cost is the fear of death.
If you are aware of life, you are bound to be aware of death.
And how can you be at ease?
Alive, something is dying, continuously.
Alive, you are moving towards the grave.
How can you celebrate and dance?
How can one go dancing towards the grave?
With awareness humanity enters into the world.
But with awareness enters anxiety and anguish.
And this will be so unless you again become one.
Duality is the anxiety.
Hence Sufis, Vedantists, Zen people, all the mystics of all the ages, insist only on one thing, and that is: transcend duality, become ADVAITA, become nondual.
Become one again.
You WERE one, because you have been a tree, and you have been a river, and you have been a rock in the Himalayas, and you have been a million types of birds and animals, and you have lived all kinds of lives -- vegetable lives, mineral lives, animal lives.
You have passed through existence many many times, in many many forms.
You have been one, but unconsciously one.
Now, the duality has arisen.
You have to be one again, this time CONSCIOUSLY one.

Just Like That
Chapter #3
Chapter title: An open and shut case

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