Only a meditator comes to see his roots in existence.
Those roots have been cut completely, continuously, century after century, generation after generation, by the priest.
You have been kept retarded in intelligence.
People ask me why the masses don't come to me.
They cannot understand me.
Only very intelligent people who have a certain individuality and a certain sense of freedom, can understand me.
The masses can only murder me.
Only the intelligent, the elite ...
To understand me you will have to go through a transformation, you will have to look into your roots: Who has been cutting those roots?
Who are these rats who have been cutting your roots?
All your rabbis, all your bishops, all your ayatollahs, all your shankaracharyas ... they are the rats who are cutting your roots....

I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here
Chapter #5
Chapter title: Don't knock, wait!

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