Love always creates fear because love is death, a greater death than the ordinary death you know of. In an ordinary death the body dies, but that is not death at all. Body is just like a dress: when it is tatty and old you change for a new one.
It is not death, it is just a change: a change of a dress, or a change of a house or abode. But you continue, the mind continues -- just the same old mind in new bodies, just the same old wine in new bottles. The form changes but not the mind, the shape changes but not the mind.
So the ordinary death is not a real death; love is a real death: the body does not die but the mind dies, the body continues to be the same but the ego disappears.
If you love, you will have to drop all the conceptions that you have about yourself.
If you love, you CANNOT be the ego because the ego will not allow love.
They are antagonistic.
If you choose the ego you will not be able to choose love.
If you choose love you will have to drop the ego.
Hence, the fear....

Come Follow To You,
Vol 4
Chapter #6
Chapter title: Happiness is that which Happens

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