Little Pierino goes camping with his parents. A little while after, at the end of a day doing many things, they bed down for the evening. Pierino cries, "Mummy, I can't sleep. There is a dead ant on my belly!" "Shhh, Pierino," says his mother, "be a good boy, just go to sleep -- it is nothing to worry about." After a few minutes Pierino's voice is heard again, "Mummy, Mummy, I can't go to sleep -- I've got a dead ant on my belly!" "Pierino," scolds his mother, "come on now, don't tell me that a small dead ant stops you from sleeping!" "Well," replies Pierino, "it is not the dead ant really, it is all his orange sannyasin friends that have come to celebrate his death!"

Come, Come, Yet Again Come
Chapter #2
Chapter title: From the Body to the Soul