Swami Devakrishna Marco Giollo

Devakrishna Marco Giollo
54 years - birthday celebration
Body Birth 23 . 06 . 1953
Sannyas Birth 18 . 06 . 1976
Ego Death -- . -- . --
Body Death -- . -- . --

I decided to put myself on the 'death or about to die' list as a reminder for myself that any moment I can die,
and any moment I have to ask myself:
do I know God?
do I know Love?
do I know my real self?
am I open or close now?
what is in the way that does not allow me to know and feel the Love, to experience God .... to become the big ocean?
am I doing something about to change that?
am I facing what I need to face which prevents me to experience or to be all that?

thatz what am busy right now
and time is running short ...
and we start seeing our friends dieing all around
and the world is in a mess and full of duality.

m I doing whatever it needs to be done so that I can leave this life on earth fulfilled?
am I ready to break the cycle of life and death and never come back?

Yes I am ready

and although I am immensly enjoying life
I never forget for a moment
the sincere dept I need
to go in
in order to find the love I am longing for...
and I will not give up and give myself a rest
until am one with that love

with love

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Devakrishna Marco Giollo

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