Sw. Prem Deepesh

our BELOVED DEEPESH has left the body becouse of an asthma attack yesterday in brasil at 6 PM. (11PM in europe)

I spoke to Aseesha : she saw him just half hour before it happened, and he was totally fine; then he had this attack and his medicines did not work (he soffered from asthma since childhood and always carried medicines with him). Friends took him to the hospital but nothing to do. I dont know if he even reached there alive. This morning they took his body to his little place by the sea and all his brasilian friends are there..
His sister and one of her doughter, his girlfriend from Holland, and Ashvagosha are flying there tomorro and he will be cremated the day after..
He was supposed to fly to Holland to his girlfriend tomorro...and he was going to came to Moi's party with her by bike later on in Mai to reconnect to many old friends


I cannot belive he is gone....

LOVE to you all


Remember, only that which you can take with you when you leave the body is important. That means, except meditation, nothing is important.
Except awareness, nothing is important, because only awareness cannot be taken away by death. Everything else will be snatched away, because everything else comes from without.

Only awareness wells up within. That cannot be taken away. And the shadows of awareness - compassion, love - they cannot be taken away. They are intrinsic parts of awareness. You will be taking with you only whatsoever awareness you have attained. That is your only real wealth.

below 11 beautiful photos of Deepesh and Osho

- Deepesh meets OshO


Swami Prem Deepesh
March 30, 1956 - April 27, 2008

Deepesh left his body suddenly on his land in Brazil on April 27,after an asthma attack.
I was not so shocked to hear that Deepesh had left his body.
In some strange way it was like receiving the news that a friend had decided to embark upon a different journey than expected, the new destination being one that both he and I had contemplated together many times.
In the talks that Deepesh and I had, it was clear that Osho had done His work perfectly with him.
He was a real Zorba, living his life fully, with celebration and love.
In his local town he was affectionately known as 'YaHoo' - the name he had given to his beach cafe and resturant which he had started a few years after Osho had himself left the body.
Deepesh was relaxed about the idea of leaving his body.
He viewed it as a way of continuing this magical journey that he had so consciously been on, showing such great love and care toward everyone and everything that he met along the way.
Walking together one evening on the deserted beach he lived on, we remembered our time with Osho and specially Osho's guidance to befriend the idea of leaving the body, to see that death is an opportunity - the final and greatest opportunity in this life to let go into the mystery of Existence.
Deepesh came to Osho in the late '70s.
In Poona One he was a handyman in the boutique, among other things.
On the Ranch he worked in construction, was a team leader, and also worked on the "fire crew" after the road for Osho was built.
He took pride in building huge fires from the juniper trees that had been cut down, which would burn for days, leaving only ashes.
Friends and family of Deepesh gathered for a huge lunch on the beach on Deepesh's land.
We are all feeling light and very lovingly connected, both to each other and to the many friends we have in common.
We are sending out this love and a big YaHoo! to you all, wherever you are on this beautiful planet.

Swami Anand Ashvagosha


Deepesh' s girlfriend late last night and today from the airport sended me many beautiful photos taken on her last 2 years of life with him... some from brasil but mostly from their bike rides in Laddack....she is a great women, in love with riding bikes like him, even they looked brother and sister.. she does'nt know deepesh oldest friends (all of us...) but i told her i was going to write to his old friends and she put all this together for us. She is also a good photographer, so some photos of the mountains are a piece of art.. AND Deepesh passion for life come out so strong and clear in this images....he really lived and party hard!! His brasilian friends are giving him a huge celebration...I am sure they know what he likes!

Love to you all


dear Ritu,
with tears in my hart but with so many beautifullshared memory's to just smile&feel HAPPY to have lived this beautifull lovestory together with Deepesh:-)
so THANKFULL for that..and his story just gonna continue in our hearts.
Some pictures from last few years to share with otherloved ones&friends for remembering Deepeshes beautifull path of life, withs lotsof love&shared feelings,


PS: so beautifull, Lisboa in a few moments gonna meetJuan Pedro, Kay&Sophie, Ash & fly all together toDeepeshes beloved Brazil, Pipa ...


Dear Ritu,

cc dear Krishna, AND decided lateron in this mail also cc dear Ash,Kay,Sophie&family, and please somebody has JeanPedro's mailadress(?),

Ritu, THANKS SO MUCH for your interaction with my pictures to Krishna, amazing and so BEAUTIFULL to see his good old friends, all over the world, connect&share their love on this page, GREAT you both could arrange that so soon,THANXXX:-)

last week in Brazil was very Intens, ups&downs in emtions so happy I could share them together with Kay, Sophie, Ash,Jean Pedro as other beloved ones & so GOOD we could feel the positiv energy around Deepesh'beloved p(a)lace in Pipa

so HAPPY that together we made it in time to also have our goodbyefeeling with Deepesh'body on tuesday 29th of April, I slept a few hours aside his body and next morning joined the 'funeralcar(?)' all the way to Fortalezza 600km more North, JeanPedro&me drove directly behind Deepesh'body and were close till the last moment of his cremation on 30 april..

I just love to share my special experience I had on that day, just after our last Goodbyes from Deepesh' body I prayed&wished Deepesh soul to connect with me just one last time before leaving on his upper journey.. as by thankfull circomstances few days before his sudden death I read an article about afterlife'experiences, that the soul first days after leaving the body sometimes tries to connect with beloved ones and stays close around his home.. he can appears in dreams as Kay told me his mum had this experience the night Deepesh left his body she dreamd something happened with him.. or as Ash experienced the feeling to have Deepesh close around him and saw two rainbows in the sky in England on monday.. Jean Pedro saw incredibly beautifull lightning on the way back from the cremation(while I was in a little sleepingcoma;-) when we drove to Pipa with Deepesh'Ashes in our middle.. after a special ceromony on saterdaynight we saw 3 falling stars close after eachother.. myself I wished so stongly that Deepesh would try to cennect to me by an 'animal', as was written in that article that animals are very sensitiv to catch energy's from living people but also from 'leaving'souls.. amazing and such a lovely experience just after last kiss of goodbye, few steps from the body there was a certain'lizzard'in front of my feet and I just picked it up without hesitating, this small animal was so calm not afraid at all, it just sit with me for at least an hour..when Juan Pedro came back I told him my special feeling about this connection wich I wished myself..I asked him the name of this 'strange lizzard' as I never saw this type of animal before..such a lovely&even funny feeling when he told me its name'Calango', same as Deepesh favourite Discotheque in Pipa(as he loved to dance!), isnt that amazing? ha, I felt so happy&still smiling about all, what a wonderfull way from Deepesh to chear us up and to feel his goodbye so close:-)))

Life can be so full of wonders of JOY, LOVE&HAPPINEZ, through our tears just try to catch it even in our sadest so THANKFULL for these beautifull experiences&memory's that Deepesh created around him&me&all of us:-)

dear Ritu, wanted to share you this all by phone, but writing it down maybe even for myself better to remembering also lateron.. and up to you&Krishna if whatever U feel it's good to share on the website..

another lovely moment was on 4 may on early sunrise when together with Kay, Sophie, Ash, JeanPedro & Tiena+Sergino(wich were with Deepesh in his last moments when all happened..) we all sit on the beach, spread Deepesh'Ashes between us in our hands and by praying&meditating we throw each of us some of his ashes in the Sea, so much love&energy connected us on that moments..hopefully you can catch a bit of it on my selected pictures from our intensiv last days in 'his'Pipa..

wish U as all of his beloved friends&family(&myself;-) STRENGHT in those moments of missing our beloved Deepesh & to find our ways to let him 'go in peace on his wonderfull journey after'life'..

lotsofLOVE to ALL of YOU, YAHOO!!!, Tiz

PS: last picture from me is in Lissabon where I had a full day before my flight to Holland- I made that picture with the mhala from Deepesh in my hand, wich he allways wore and evrybody knows him with that collana>> I'm just so happy that Ashasha and also Kay both shared the feeling to give this precious memory to me as Deepesh&me had our special connection in India&Himalaya's..just to give that picture more dimension.. another funny detail on that picture is the memorial on the background wich I think is from Colombus when he started his explorationjourney to the'end' of the world and then discovered America..I see Deepesh also on his beautifull journey to the end of our 'worlds', who knows what he is gonna explore there..;-) hope to catchup there with him one day..

PS: Ritu, another feeling I shared with Kay is that maybe if U would feel for it I could try to come to Bergamo&bring U some of Deepesh'Ashes to spread it in the air from Poona, as one of those precious places in his we also gonna try to do the same in Himalaya's on a special journey with Ash&other beloved ones whoever feels to join that journey around july or august..lets keepintouch about these ideas okay? ciao cara, would love to see &hug you, X!

PS: liebe Kay, I wanted so much to chear you up with the experience about that Calango, but few times we got interrupted as those days all loads were on your shoulders, sorry about that.., hope now you found your rest to let feelings settle down and just take YOUR MOMENTS to connect with Deepesh with that strong love you allways used to share.. XXX:-)

PS: dear Krishna, did I ever THANKED YOU for 'your accident' as you created the circomstances that made the take'off for Deepesh&me in our Himalaya'lovestory:-))) Deepesh told me he did.., THANXXX!

PS: dear Ash, my girlfriend Brenda, the one I told you who wanted so much to join Deepesh in one of his tours that Deepesh&me almost organised a privat tour for her..she confirmed to me to join that tour in July if I do.. just give me some time to decide myself about my feelings&what is'good'.. as little afraid to miss Deepesh too much on that special tour..we gonna keep in touch okay? X


below 20 photos of Deepesh death celebration

- Deepesh death celebration


Dear Friends, Deepesh was a great story teller, and he had gotten into so many interesting scrapes in his life that the stories could make up a book. Here are some of the latest ones. Adrian, an English friend who was in Pipa with his family told me that in April this year Deepesh had left Cynthia's Bookshop in Pipa and had been riding home with a friend on the back of his bike. Suddenly he stopped the bike! A snake had somehow slithered up and curled itself around his arm. They shook it off and were looking at it lying on the dirt road when it bit the friend on her hand. Deepesh caught the snake, and took it and the friend to the nearby hospital to see if it was a dangerously poisonous variety, and if she would need treatment for the bite. The officials there could not identify it at all, so they went to see an indigenous local man. He recognised it as a rare snake, but not poisonous!

Deepesh told me that all the most frightening things that you can imagine that could happen to you driving a car had already happened to him, like Complete Brake failure approaching a busy intersection, with the brake pedal hitting the floor! And while driving Taxi in the Castro district of San Francisco (during the time before the ranch), he had even had his steering wheel come off in his hands! So it is fitting that the events around his leaving his body make quite a story, similar in a way to the famous story about death which Osho often told, and which Deepesh sometimes related on our bike rides together.

That story goes something like this:

A King had a dream. In that dream, death was coming to take him the very next day! He awoke shocked and asked his wise councillors what to do! One, the oldest wise man said "Take your fastest horse and ride as far from the Palace as you can". The King followed this old mans' advice and rode the whole day on his horse, which was the fastest in the land! He was the King after all, and the horse did a really good job! As night was coming they arrived, tired out, exhausted at the very edge of his kingdom. The King stopped by a tree, next to a small lake and had just sat down to rest when Death appeared. "Wow you have done very well," said Death, "I was afraid that you would not make the appointment in time, but you did well to get here!"

Many friends have asked me about Deepesh leaving the body, this is what I know of that time:

Deepesh lived to the south of the small and rapidly developing town of Pipa, on a deserted beach called the 'Praia Das Minas'. He had himself built the only road to his land 18 years before. This road cuts up from the beach onto the cliffs, or chappado. In this area the local Pipa council have now appropriated the road and have been widening it, leaving the electricity poles which run along the road marooned on small islands of earth. They should have moved the electricity poles first, but Brazil is as haphazardly disorganised as India. The rainy season had come early this year and it had been raining heavily for weeks, making the road difficult for an ordinary vehicle to pass. Deepesh, however, had a Landrover, a distinctive Mad Max looking beast, which had survived a fire bombing - another 'Deepesh" story - and which had his distinctive 'Yahoo' logo printed on the doors. So that day it was no trouble for him to go to his nearby neighbour Keith's 60th birthday. The party was at lunchtime, and by the time that the guests wanted to leave around 4.30 pm two of the electricity poles had fallen down, cutting off the power and blocking the road! This was no problem for Deepesh, and he set off home, a short 20 minute walk in the warm rain.

He arrived home to met Sergino and Tina in his own kitchen. Sergino and Tina live in the cottage next to his house and shared the same kitchen. Deepesh offered them some of the wine he had carried home from the party. He said to Sergino, "Have some of this very good wine, I am just going to have a 'HOT' shower", joking, as the power was cut off and the shower was a typical Brazilian electric shower heater! This heater is, by the way, a nasty and dangerous contraption that delivers more electric shocks than it ever heats water! He emerged from the shower indicating that he could not breathe and was having an asthma attack. There was no power to operate his emergency Asthma pump! His Landrover was abandoned back at Keith's house, and Aseysha who lived in the big house behind Deepesh had gone out, passing Deepesh 10m minutes earlier on the road. Aseysha was in the car with Mateus, her partner and her son, also called Mateus. They were going to a kids party in their Explorer 4x4.

Sergino and Tina gave Deepesh 'mouth to mouth' respiration but he shortly lost consciousness on the kitchen floor. Aseysha returned home 15 minutes later, she had abandoned the outing because of the rain and a strong felling that something was happening at home. With Mateus' help Deepesh was put into the 4x4 and rushed to the local hospital. Sergino said that he had never seen so much water on the road, but somehow they drove round and over all the obstacles and arrived in Tibau Du Sol the town where the hospital was. Unfortunately the small local hospital had no special equipment to revive Deepesh, and he officially 'died' there a short time later.

The many emails from all the old and recent friends of Deepesh have touched me deeply. Thank you all for expressing your love and appreciation, we never know when it will be our time.

Love Ash.


below many many beautiful photos of Deepesh, his friends and Laddak ..... recently riding high in the Hymalayas on motobikes

- Deepesh meets OshO 11 photos
- Tiziana's 84 photos
- Garimo's 56 photos
- Garimo, Krishna & Meera's 252 photos
- Ash's 36 photos
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- Deepesh Death Celebration 20 photos
- Deepesh Death Celebration Ameno Italy, Gyata's 50 photos

download the background photo of Deepesh (with no name)

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