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Dasu opened the gate……
by Meera

Dasu, left peacefully and very quite.
He felt uncomfortable for a few hours and all of a sudden could hardly walk.
In hospital they found a huge tumor in his belly
and there was nothing else to do then to put him asleep.
One, two minutes after the injection Dasu was gone.
All this hours, Dassu was so brave, he just was so quite.
He even didnt bark at Dr. Hatekar.
Dasu must have known, as he can be quite intense if he doesn’t like someone or something.
He had Soshan and Amurta with him, while he left.
The guards were digging a whole, when you enter the gate on the left side (Out of Arica - Koregaon Park,Puna. India).
Amurta put some incense and a candle, Soshan picked some flowers.
Soshan was great.
He never left, not once, Dasu in these five hours.
He stroke him, took care of him.
Dr. Hatekar had tears in his eyes, when Dasu was gone.
While I am writing I am again realizing, how much Dasu has been a companion for me while I was living in India.
He has been a part of the “Out of Africa” team for almost 10 years and I believe he had with everyone a special relationship.
He has been a sannyas dog, very characteristic and individual and I loved him for this.


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