Sw. Chdananda Suicide

From a Darshan Book: A sannyasin groupleader says he is disturbed about a suicide which occurred early that morning: I asked myself today, 'Was I not with you? Were you not with me?' I don't know.


I am with you continuously, but sometimes you lose track of me. But that is natural, that's very natural. Sometimes you forget about me.
Sometimes you become so engrossed in a problem that the whole consciousness becomes narrow, focused on a problem. And the mind is always searching, searching, for something that can become an excuse for misery.
Sometimes it finds such beautiful excuses that you cannot see through it -- for example, this suicide.

Something has to be understood about it.
One thing is: life in itself is not intrinsically a value; neither is death in itself intrinsically a disvalue. Just as man is losing the taboo about sex, man has to lose the taboo about death too; that too is a taboo.
Suicide is not a sin.
It is just part of human freedom...

The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun
Chapter #24
Chapter title: None

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