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Name : Giten
URL : www.giten. net
e mail :
comment : Dear friends, I forward a response to Parmartha, the editor of Sannyasnews, about the ramifications concerning that the Terrorist Research Centre has named the Osho Resort a terrorist organization.
Swami Dhyan GIten www.giten. net

**** Thanks Parmartha for forwarding my letter to Dr Kroll. I also appreciated that you published Dr Krolls letter on Sannyasnews.  I already saw the threat that the US goverment could label the sannyas movement a terrorist organisation when I complained about articles in the English newspapers before - and now it has happened. I also agree with what you said in the ingress of the article in Sannyasnews: that this is quite serious. Sannyasins seems quite unaware of the ramifications: Osho Resort do not respond to mail and the response among sannyasins is almost zero. This could mean that the US goverment do not need any further evidence to freeze the economical assets of the Osho Resort and all centers and organizations that can be suspected to have connections with Osho Resort. Under terrorist law it also means that it is would not be possible to argue the case in court as the rule of law do not any longer exist under terrorist law. We already have some cases of this in Sweden. For me it seems important to take action now when it is still possible to change. I also doubt that a rational discussion is possible with the Terrorist Research Centre, which could mean that the only way is a formal appeal against them and then to sue them. But that is a question for Osho Resort and they do not seem to be responsive.

Name : Ron Whittaker
e mail :
comment : devakrishna, I appreciate the links to our Bible and Porno site. BibleandPorno.com (We have put several links to your site on both Bible and Porno.com and TheInternetCollege.org.) Actually the site is by mostly Dr. Cherry Lee and not Ron Whittaker (I only maintain it). At the same time a number of other professionals contribute--as well as a lot of people who write in. Dr. Lee has had a lot of experience in helping people through sexual issues—the very kind that Osho talked about. This is her primarily motivation for putting these materials on the web. You will also note several complete sections on religion and sex, spiritual sex, and enlightenment. So I think her goals with the site are the same as yours. Osho is quoted at various places on the site. Ron Whittaker

Name : Nemo
e mail :
comment : Thank you for creating this beautiful and profound site... I have been very influenced by the writings of Osho and have incorporated it into my art works... I am interested in the interplay of "opposites". I added the death quote of Osho's to a piece meant to help the viewer contemplate their own death... anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and send you the link to see how Osho has inspired another soul, good luck to you! nemo

Name : Ruchi
e mail : ruchi@dhyan.plus.com
comment : ahaa

Name : Ruchi
e mail : ruchi@dhyan.plus.com
comment : ahaa

Name : Pameo/Prachi
e mail : avatar@netfactory.com.au
comment : Thank you for your great pictures, would love to get in touch with Ma Puja in Germany!! Long lost friend what is your e-mail? Much love to you all Pameo alias Prachi

Name : Sw Amano Srijan
e mail :
comment : Ha bala blah blah hibly oogglly googly ya blah ya bling blang bblah ooof phhhht

Name : sw dilip satyarthi
e mail : dilipdosa@yahoo.com
comment : Freaky! Funny!! Far out!!!

Name : Stephan/Gothenborg/Sweden
e mail :
comment : Very,very,very nice page. You have done a great work...keep it going. Thanks for looking at my simple homepage. You can se pictures from Rom,Berlin,Ireland,Nothern Ireland,London and more things.

Name : Nishabda
e mail : premnishabda@fastmail.fmmailto:premnishabda@fastmail.fm
comment : Hey Krish, What a treat to see such beautiful pictures love nishabda

Name : Elle
e mail :
comment : I love this site...by far the best on the net! Going to the meditation resort in a couple months for the first time...really nervous and excited! Thanks for the great webpage! Much love, Elle

Name : BuddhaHill
URL : www.novutopia.net
e mail : buddhahill.satsang-community@gmx.de
comment :Pans Inquiry Tales told by an old devil. CAN BE ORDERED NOW AS AN eBook: www.novutopia.net
The Inquiry started in Oktober 2003 with the question: ?Oshos dream: ?The New Man- an enlightened rebel?

Name : Ruchi
e mail : ruchi@dhyan.plus.com
comment : etitakiyaketitak

Name : Apurav
e mail :
comment : today osho need us to save his legacy!

Name : BuddhaHill
URL : www.novutopia.net
e mail : buddhahill.satsang-community@gmx.de
comment : Beloved friends! Dont miss the next event coming up: The BuddhaHill International Friends Gathering in Autumn Further information regarding this three day happening under: www.novutopia.net

Name : Niz
e mail : nizt_977@hotmail.com
comment : The Prison vs. Work joke should have an ending like HOWEVER... This is your asshole at Work: o, and this is your asshoe in Prison: O (bigger circle). Game Over. Work Wins!

Name : Prem Vimalgeet
e mail : fred_stockton@hotmail.com
comment : had three communions w/ Osho....never met him physically!!!! One completely within, one spoken in my heart, one spoken in my left ear...OOOOSSSHHHOOOO!!!

Name : Prahlad
e mail : pawan720@hotmail.com
comment : what is important is see beauty in everything which seems ugly beacause everything is part of nature there is no need that one must believe. It may be a joke but the word enlightment is never a joke.

Name : Veet Vivarto
e mail :
comment :Beloved Devakrishna,
Beautiful website! I am in Hawaii and for now, have a very limmited access to the Net. Right now my connection is over a cell phone with a speed of about 11Kbps. SLOW! Please stay in touch. Love Veet Vivarto PS Where in the world are you?

Name : BuddhaHill
URL : www.novutopia.net
e mail : buddhahill.satsang-community@gmx.de
comment : One year later . . . The latest and as it looks like the last news on Pans Inquiry about Veeresh and Chaitanya Bharti. For free download now under: www.novutopia.net

Name : Keyur Thadeshwar
URL : www.oshospeak.blogspot.com
e mail : keyur.thadeshwar@gmail.com
comment :Hello Deva Krishna,
All this things (google accounts, money, etc...) are not real.
but Friendship and love are real.
By giving you a invitation for gmail account i have earned a lot, which is countless, which is price less, i.e. you as a friend and a fellow believer of master OSHO. :)
love, keyur

Name : Osho RingMaster
URL : www.oshotantraring.com
e mail :
comment : Today i was looking your entire site and is the best site , i have ever seen. Krishna is very funny, i am sure that if he is not enlightent ,he is very near . love and it is an honor that you came to Osho-Ring.

Name : Punya
e mail :
comment : As you can see, I have discovered Devakrishna's Joke Site (I had seen the many other parts of his site but not the jokes). I have "stolen" some cartoons (as one does) and published his link (as one does). It is all about Venus and Mars (not the planets). I have also added the "Mandala of the Moment" linking to Ma Veeno's Mandalas.
Hope you enjoy

Love Swiss Punya

Name : Rajiv Tiwary
e mail :
comment :Dear sirs, After listening to a few Osho discourses I have become very interested in listening to a lot more. It is a shame that you had to close this site due to limited available bandwidth. Have you located an alternative web site? I wonder if you have checked about locating this website in US. I have myself never done this, but I wonder if we should explore renting a high bandwidth website at relatively low cost. Warm regards, Rajiv Tiwary

Name : Hemant
e mail : im_happysoul@yahoo.com
comment : i am new in osho friends family. any one can guide me?

Name : lakshen
URL : www.zorbailbuddha.net
e mail : sucameli@libero.it
comment : Ciao Krishna, ne è passata di acqua nel Gange da quando ci siamo visti l'ultima volta .......... !!!!!! Ma non invano : la creatività di entrambi ha dato ( e continua a dare ) bei frutti ... Guardo sempre con piacere il tuo sito e, per quanto mi riguarda, mi sono dato completamente al cinema. A fine marzo uscirà nelle sale italiane il mio secondo film : 'ZORBA il buddha' che ha per protagonista Siddhartha ( sì proprio lui ! ). Mi piacerebbe che andassi a vederti il sito : www.zorbailbuddha.net e poi magari ci 'linkiamo' ... e chissà ?! Anche altro .......................... Un abbraccione dal tuo 'vecchio' amico LAKSHEN

Name : Robert Hart

e mail :
comment :Hi Krishna We wish to say how much we enjoyed the otoons site. Especially the bush/hitler page. My wife Kevala loved the cartoons . We probably have friends in common via Osho Mevlana in Byron Bay. bye Robert

Name : Pramada
e mail :
comment : hey Krishna, I'm not sure if I've said this recently or not but your website is fucking great!!! Haven't been there for a month or two but the pix of your "trash art" were really cool. Love, Pramada

Name : Rupda
URL : rupda.com
e mail :
comment :Looks good!
I really love your site babes, you really know how to make it a fun and playful site with a beautiful message inside of it....
You should try Flash, I'm sure you'll be really good at that!!!
I really enjoyed reconnecting with you Krish.
You make me smile and bring warmth to my heart.
Keep shining beautiful.... love, rups.

Name : Chetas from Finland
e mail :
comment :

However, your site is incredible entertaining for me. I have been visiting it almost every day since I found it. I have enjoying jokes so much. and the guru listings
Hahhaaa, you must be meeting all kind of sanyas friends through your site all the time, but for me it's so funny..... so thank You very much.
Name : Dante Tathagat
URL : Dante Tathagat & his kids.com
e mail :
comment : In un pomeriggio d`estate afosissimo, al Muddy Ranch in Oregon, ho passato tutto un giorno con Rupesh (conga Rupesh) su uno scassatissimo truck a raccogliere in giro rami secchi. Parlavamo di questo Swami Sarasvati Barthi (non si sa dove veniva, Congo, Malesya, foreste tropicali del Brasile) che sarebbe arrivato al ranch nella sua tenuta aborigena. Nel frattempo dai rami secchi abbiamo iniziato a raccogliere decine e decine di ossa di cervo e adobbare il truck. Puoi solo immaginare la follia. Surfando il tuo sito, non so dove, mi sono imbattuto in una foto di Swami Sarasvati Barthi in tenuta di aborigeno con telefonino. Ho riso da pazzi. Tutti i joke sul famigerato Swami Barthi....

Un`abbraccio a presto Dante
Name : Suzanne Guthridge
e mail : ebonitakitty1A@yahoo.com
comment : :: the meaning of jealousy ::
WOW!! I wished I had the insight and ability to express the truths found in this article...my husband and I have struggles with this issue for twenty years....I am dumbounded and amazed by this (and I dont use this word lightly) truth..... Thank you Suzanne Guthridge

Name : Art and Keo Kaney
e mail :
comment : Hey! I found you in the cartoonist ring cool site you have! i'd like to invite you to the site of my son and I !!!

when you get there You can draw in real time with us!!!
(No Pass just hit OK)
Peace , Art and Keo Kaney

Name : Máximas
e mail :
comment : Cool site. Just wanted to say hello from España:) Máximas

Name : Neelam
e mail : neelam2@club-internet.fr
comment : Gossip: Enjoy navigating in that tremendous big site and always discovering new things. Great way to spread Osho's vision and energy.

Name : Satta
e mail : magic@mindthegap
comment : Mind the Gap! All my love to you, Krish, and all my other friends from gaps and gaps ago.

Name : Acyuta Ananda dasa
e mail : Acyuta Ananda@aol.com
comment : Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! I just read the letter that the man with the long beard wrote from prison, after he was convicted of being a shameless criminal. It seems that his time in prison was very painful, ....

Name : Beedoo
e mail :
comment : What happened to the Osho autobiography? Copyright problems, ehem?

Name : Leonardo Sanchez
e mail : leosanchez1969@yahoo.com.mx
comment : Dear friends… in this letter I’m going to try to explain my needs.
Let me talk about me, just like holding hands to all of you.
I was born on 7 21 69 in Uruguay at 20:30 and I m living in Caracas Venezuela, since I was 4 years old, Now, I m 34, the last 13 years I’ve been working on production, castings, art…etc. and in all positions of shows, parties, TV spots, Venezuelan movies, inaugurations of new places, all those things people do to distract the world’s people of the reality.
(Well, some time was art or I tried, to make it art…) But as a phantom of my stupid loneliness I really enjoyed it.
As a parallel thing (but trying to mixing) I was looking for and tried to keep the “Truth” …

I made all the therapies and meditation techniques that you can image. Philosophies religions, Krishnamurti, Gurdief, Course of Miracles, in the way Osho talk about yoga…
I tried to destroy my sex, to control and judge it… to crucifying the ego but not killing it.
I know you understand what I mean.
I just have been born.
Well, I found out Osho inside me... at last.
The web and the bodies of all those trees, which keep the words as paper and ink, the sound, the smell, of Osho.
My dear master.
I m in love whit him.
Words that I feel mine… more than nothing in my life.
Now I feel prepare to enjoy the life… all my life I thinked in killing my self… those stupid world I’ve never really understood.
I was crazy …just the same like now… but now I believe in me… be crazy in my own way (like the master say) and now that I know I m not stupid…but I need, I want to enjoy it with everybody who can, to remember and keep it.
I m attaching my resume on this mail and a picture (it was for a Comic, I was working on).
I need to work whit “Osho society”, I want to pay my trip to the ashram you fix on I could go.
I don’t even care if is cleaning or washing the dog.
Let me give you all of me.
I need a fulfilling place to exist and share.
It’s inside me, but I want to share it whit.
Venezuela is on a beautiful revolution, it’s not a rebellion but some kind of awake is happening…
Is not easy to make money without money…
I m trying…

Thanks for light… let me know what to do…to join you.

My address:
Av. Cecilio Acosta edificio Donatello, conserjería, Chacao, Caracas Venezuela… leosanchez1969@yahoo.com.mx …
home 58 212 265 40 37
cell 58 412 718 96 67

Sorry for my English

Leonardo Sanchez.

Name : Priya
e mail :
comment : Beloved Krishna Thank you for this divine madness that you share. I always enjoy receiving Otoons. I send you lots of love Satya Priya - New York City

Name : bodhi
e mail : kiranshri1@hotmail.com
comment : Hi krishna, It is a great website in fact all the people(non oshoites) in my office like it. bodhi Bangalore

Name :
e mail :
comment : Hi Krish. Why don't you put a link to www.oshoworld.com/, on the Osho discourses page. I mean they are free, and I'm sure oshoworld wouldn't mind. I mean, the deal is to spread Osho's word for free, no?

Name : robin
e mail : fictiveguru@yahoo.co.uk
comment : Hello there, Your site is getting better and funnier. You linked my site on your new age jokes page.Robin

Name : nirava
e mail : rpatoriya@hotmail.com
comment : Hey DevaKrishna,

I love the site ....otoons.....
where you guys are??? in US??
Just wondering about that..... site has immense of information about everything.....
I can't resist myself writing u, love, Nirava

Name :Claudia Westerveld
URL : musesofthesoul.tripod.com
e mail : westerveldc@hotmail.com
comment : A highly entertaining site, I love the way you have blended some great messages with a huge dose of humor. Your commics contain fantastic drawings, great compositions and are an absolute delightful read. I'm impressed, *smile* hugs, Claudia

Name :bilbo from indymedia
URL : otoons.com/politics/terrorism.htm
e mail :
comment : Osho on terrorism ... Osho's inside leave me speachless a must for everyone to read: politics/terrorism.htm

Name :nima
e mail : nima@hotmail.com
comment : hello

Name :marija
e mail : mmisita2001@yahoo.com
comment : send me some gossips!!! I need them for my radio showwwww!!!!!!

Name : omnamashivajoe
e mail : omnamashivajoe@yahoo.com
comment :It needs the time it needs to grow and who wants to push it?

Name : Advait &Katha
URL : axolotlvillage.com
e mail :shake_up@samart.co.th
comment : OSHO Paramdham Meditation Center in Thailand

Name :SatSamudaya
e mail : alexsatms@hotmail.com
comment : Hi, alô,

Name : Ö£¾ü - Vilas
e mail : osho11@163.net
comment : Dear krish: Long time no mail.How about your body?Are you healthy? Now here everybody is concerned about the Sars.The health has become much more im portant than anytime.Many things happened around the disease.All the scientists o f the world unite to search for the Sars Vaccine;The "white dress angel" is prais ed because of their devotion;The internal and the external donation;The rumor,the superstition,the anxiety and so on. Everyone is fearful and full of hope.The hope is very strong just as once we over come the disease then we will live forever.It seems we do not have to die someday .Human is as unconscious as before.They do not see the fact:whether there is the Sars or not,death is coming closer day by day.The fear is the fear of death.And w e are afraid of death because we know nothing which is beyond death.To me,the dis ease is just an excuse of death.It is like a bell rings so that we may set a sear ch for the deathless.Because now there is no time to postpone. Osho says:"The critical time is the most valuable time."The challenge and the opp ortunity exist together.We can make use of it.We can miss it.It all depends on us . what do you think about it? Lots of love,Vilas

Name : prem michael
e mail : Pmichael80@aol.com
comment : far out site!!!!...in a world gone mad the time to wake up is now!!..osho's message is needed now more than ever..throw some water on face..wake up and enjoy!! NOW!!!! love to all prem michael

Name : Blan
e mail :
comment : Yo, that shit with the new G.W. Bush and the monkey photos is a blast. http://otoons.de/politics/G.W.Bush.html Cool

Name : Anurag khalifa
e mail : anuragkhalifa@hotmail.com
comment : Ha..ha..hi.howww ...no commets...ha.ha.haaaa

Name : Fagianni
e mail :
comment : I checked the link to Jesus.com, it is a blast, it's super cool. You might laugh and think this guy is a loon, but read the sermons first. http://www.jesus.com/sermons/ Then look aroud: Who are the loons?

Name : Bleachy Bleach
e mail :
comment :More than 200 free Osho books, no password, easy to access. Free. www.oshoworld.com

Krishna, this will drive you out of business.
If you dare leave this on the site.

Name : ajata
e mail : ajata@sedona.net
comment : looking forward to join the gossip

Name : Osho music live with MILAREPA & FRIENDS
URL : oshomanjusha.de
e mail : info@oshomanjusha.de
comment : Milarepa & Friends come as special guests to the Osho Manjusha Holiday Festival from 6-8 of August (to the OSHO MANJUSHA MEDITATION CENTER IN Schmiedeberg, Germany) - no special price for the concerts - all inclusive in the festival offer!

Name :Bleachy Bleach
e mail :
comment :, an article by Jesus about the World Trade Center and terrorism, very interesting and truthful. Stop the paranoia, westerners.

Name : Mariam Nour
URL : mariamnour.com
e mail : mariam@mariamnour.com
comment :u r my light ... osho is glowing in the arab world ... i am every day on midia the best show ... osho is my life ... we r blessed

Name : -Lee
e mail :
comment :Wow, that mental card game sure had me going, but i was relentless, and in the end i figured it out. It took me a while to find you since you didn't have a contact us button on your cave of magic site o well the name was all i needed anyways i think it's compleatly ingenious i can't belive that a 14 year old figured out THAT!

Name : Prem Shahzada
e mail : theblackkimono@yahoo.com
comment :Hello!

This is Swami Prem Shahzada from California!
I was browsing the net and found your site - and i must say, it is the MOST comprehensive osho site I have found on the web.
Keep up the great work!
One thing that was very very amazing to me, was to see this: osho/roll_royce.html
Not only because of Oshos quotes, but because my father [swami prabhunikat] *owns* the very Rolls Royce that you are posting on your page!!! I am writing to ask if you can add a link to that site stating: "click here! to buy the pictured Rolls of Oshos!". and that would lead you to my site: www.theblackkimonorollsroyce.com that would be wonderful if you could do that!
Also adding it to the list of sanyassin pages also under: Osho's Rolls royce for sale.
That would be very highly appreciated!
After all, the very car on your page is my dads!
... Please let me know if you can do this.
sincerely, shahzada

Name :Randy
e mail :
comment : Hello, You have a great site! You have been linked.
Thanks and Best Wishes, Randy -


Name : osho unmad
e mail :
comment :Beloveds In more than six years of going walkabout on the internet - sometimes intensively Your site is the most enjoyable site I have experienced Love - Unmad

Name : Ma Prem Sakino
e mail : karenjanecoston@earthlink.net
comment : My sannyas name is Ma Prem Sakino.
Thank God for those photos of the Silent Retreat in the Swiss Alps.
I could feel the breeze flowing all the way into the innercity of Seattle WA. USA.
Love Sakino.

Name : Naren
URL : sacredgardengallery.com/
e mail : anandnaren@webtv.net
comment : Thanks, Devakrishna!!

I like your web site

Name : Arun
URL : arun.com.br
e mail : arun@arun.com.br
comment : Hi, Krish, really nice your stuff. Very loving greetings from Arun, Brazil!!

Name : Dan Pulea
e mail :
comment : I just wanted to say, wow, it's great how the site has turned out.

It's a great job.
It never occurred to me what your site could do.
Of course, it's not as funny and humorous and outgoing as before, but I think the idea is to be unserious in your seriousness, serious in your unseriousness, not look jolly and superficially happy all the time.
Gurdjieff was unserious in his seriousness.
It's great what otoons turned out to be.
It really helps Osho's vision.

Name : Eduard Diaconu
e mail : dyaconu_rom@yahoo.com
comment :Dear friends, My name is Eduard Diaconu and I am from Romania.
I write you in the name of a small group of students living here.
These days we haved the chance to sail on the Internet, and, among all those wonderfull things there, we have found a link to you.
And, after visiting your web-site, we were truely amazed by your vision over the human spirit.
We are some kind of a research and study group, trying to evolve our spirit, mind and body. Saddly, here in Romania it is almost impossible to rise from the common mass, especially when you use methods wich are generally considered as "unorthodox".
They have such a limited vision, and anything which they can not understand, they classified it as some kind of "heresy" and never look at it again. You just can not imagine how refractory and rigid they are.
But, you can imagine our struggle against the system, our fight for freedom. After a long effort, we have succeeded to open a public library.
With some help from a local counselor, we have officialized our group as a Non Guvernamental Association.
Then, to open this library was relatively easy.
Though, we still have some minor problems in finding a proper location for the library.
At the moment, it is located in a pretty old building, but we hope that we will find a more propper location in short time.
Well, we have just started this "adventure", and those small problems are almost innevitable.
What was really important was done. For now, our patrimony consist in just six hundred books and almost two hundred magazines, plus some video tapes and music on CD-s and audio tapes.
The subjects of all those includes almost all kind of spiritual traditions, from Osho's teachings until Gourdjieff's way.
And, even if almost half of books are in english, we have more than 15 visitors per day. We were very surprised by that. People are really interested, especially in eastern traditions.
We have such a great desire to read and study your works, your projects, but, you see, we have also a big problem. Unfortunatelly, we are just students here, and I can assure you that you will never ever want to be a student here. Our life is so precarious. We are rich in spirit, but the wind is the one who fills our pockets. Well, this is our situation.
And... we are asking for some help.
Can we dare to hope that you may have some used or deteriorated books which you do not need anymore? And, if you do, can you mail us something? I just hope that we are not asking for too much. And, if we can do something for you from here, you can sure count on us. Light, Eduard & friends.

P.S. Here is our mailing adress:
Eduard Diaconu,
P.O.BOX 3-70, Pitesti Arges,0300, Romania.

Name : East
URL : n0by.de
e mail : n0by@n0by.de
comment : The otoons-domain is faaaar ooooouuuuuuuut!

East - nOby

Name : Ernest Slyman
e mail : Slyman@worldnet.att.net
comment :Delightful pages. I was entertained, charmed and enlightened by your colorful pages. Great contribution to the internet. Please stop by for your award.

Name : Akil, Oshodhara
URL : oshodhara.com/
e mail : info@oshodhara.com
comment : Dear friend

Your site looks wonderful and the otoons are too good! Congratulations. Love! yours in Oshodhara....... akhil

Name : Nirav Ninad
URL : cmoors.com
e mail :
comment :
Hi from here, Really enjoyed your site!
I would like to submit my website for linking: www.cmoors.com
I am a friend of Osho.
Sannyas name - Nirav Ninad.
Societal name - Chris Moors
Linked to Osho through Shabda Noor.
Earth home - Minneapolis, MN
Willingness to be contacted - Yes
Happiness in the homeland - Yes
Kookoo for Christ? - i dont think so.
Empty Spaces. -cmoors

Name : Karin
e mail : karin@cwjamaica.com
comment : I absolutely love your site. Wanted to leave a message on your guest map but it did not work ! One Love from Jamaica !

Karin Cargill
Hylton Avenue
P.O. Box 2844
Negril, Jamaica
(876) 957 0151
Fax: (876) 957 0420

Name : Rani
e mail :
comment : beloved, bush/hitler .... that was too good the pictures!!! but I was truly touched by the message you wrote under it. very beautiful. much love from Tiruvanamalai in south India tamil nadu and tonight on the way to Kerala.

love Rani

Name : Anand Parva
e mail : donnacanapa@libero.it
comment : Ciao Devakrisna,grazie per le tue e- mail Ho scoperto il vostro sito e mi piace andarci ti mando il mio (in italiano)....capisci l'italiano? Osho e' vicino a noi tutti e dal cosmico universo ci segue e ci benedice love sw. Anand Parva

Name : Ray Shiva
e mail : Ray@shivacenter.org
comment : I love OTOONS.

The Shiva Center for Yoga and Ayurveda in San Diego loves you!!
LOVE Ray Shiva

Name : Toshan - Ivo Quartiroli
e mail : ivo@innernet.it
comment : Dear Devakrishna,
perhaps I could write in Italian, but here's my email.

I'm Toshan Ivo Quartiroli, I was a book publisher in Italy from 1988 to 2002, with a main series on computer and social sciences (www.apogeonline.com) and, from 1994, a series on spirituality, Osho, new science, psychedelic culture and media .
I'm currently working on a new project in developing an online magazine called Innernet, "Percorsi di consapevolezza e anima del mondo" ("Paths of awareness and the world soul").
Innernet.it is an Italian web magazine on spiritual paths and spiritual culture, currently in the developing stage, with articles, short essays, news on seminars, satsangs and spiritual schools, and a community forum.
Many paths to liberation will be included: more traditionals as Buddhist, Sufi, Advaita Vedanta, just to name a few, as well as more recent as Almaas's Diamond Approach (I am currently a student of Almaas's Ridhwan School in the United States).
Past and contemporary enlightened masters will be presented with excerpts from books, interviews and disciple's experiences.
The "world soul" part of the magazine will be devoted to the awareness of the world suffering, of ecology and of the mental environment.
We will then publish a paper magazine in book format, beginning around the end of this year, with a collection of the most popular articles on the site and a main theme each issue.
The frequency of the paper publication will be once o twice a year. Both the web site and the paper magazine are a non profit project.
Our readers will be people committed to a spiritual path and devoted to self-knowledge. Many readers, even if not on a spiritual path, will be attracted by the cultural and intellectual side of the writings. The passion of the inquiry, the desire to act as a bridge in communicating spiritual knowledge, the committment of being in a discovery path and the awareness of the importance of spreading wisdom words are the driving forces behind the project. We will publish Italian authors articles as well as translations from US and UK magazines and excerpts from books.
I'm in the process of rewieving magazines, books and web sites in order to plan the editorial part of both the site and the magazine. Some of the American or UK magazine we are or will be working with are Gnosis, Magical Blend, Parabola, Resurgence, ReVision, Shambala Sun, The Journal of Transpersonal Phychology, Tricycle, What is Enlightenment.
I had a lot of fun reading your otoons.de site.
I ask you the permission to translate the following articles in "Il Budda che ride" section of the site.

They could be translated this year for the web site and perhaps later published on paper as well.
Hugs, Toshan

Name : Suvarna
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comment : Hey Devakrishna! Thank you for your superduper website! Suvarna

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comment : BTW: your domains are FAR OUT!! I admirer your work!
http://www.n0by.de/2/vat/money.htm ;-) that has another link to your work: '''SEX, MONEY&POWER!'''
yours lovingly

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comment : Very nice work!!!I love it.Katha.

Name : sangeet
URL : e mail : comment :you have a great web site! congragulations.. love, sangeet

Name : olga giollo
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comment :marco es maravilloso me encantó, es muy creativo y el sonido es increibles.
Vi todas las animaciones y también los vídeos, me cuesta un poco traducir lo que dice, (cuando visito la página de Osho, solo aplico el traductor y listo). Es muy buena esa animación de la cara con movimiento de ojos. Me siento orgullosa de que tengamos el mismo apellido. Gracias a esa busqueda de familia, encontre a Osho y estoy plenamente feliz, y te doy las gracias, un gran beso. Olga

Name : Bozo
URL : bozo.tk
e mail : bozo@bozo.tk
comment : I especially enjoyed the jokes that aren't jokes but insights (into insides).
cool site: http://www.bozo.tk

Name : Matti
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comment : Hi! Nice site and guestmap. Many greetings from Finland :) cool site: http://www.madonna.com

Name : A. Rodriguez
URL : www.landfallartcenter.com
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comment : Artists and Architects Exibit your art at:
Manno - Switzerland
contact: Stabile Violino
via Cantonale 34a
CH-6928 Manno
Tel 0041 (0)91 605 20 60
Fax 0041 (0)91 605 20 14

Name : Sw Amano Srijan
e mail : oshodynamic@hotmail.com
comment : I waffle on alot and alot of flowery words seem to happen .like playing a guitar or flute and just going with it...I have posted alot on sanyass world...and I am not claiming enlightenment just sincerely apt to cut like a razor sharp katana through any of ...

Name : amano
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comment : I am totally pissed off tonight arrrggggghhhhhh..I bumped into this woman tonight on my way..and we ended up having one of those really7 big rows where one is trying to outdo the other and nobody wants to be the loser.....just the irritation arrgh blah blah ...

Name : padam
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comment : Good Gossip

Name : suvarna
URL : www.infinitymusic.org
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comment : Hi Krishna, Love your website. Its a gold mine of good stuff. Can you please add my web page link to the musicians section? Do you ever do reviews of sannyas music CDs? Might be a great section to have. My web page is at www.infinitymusic.org Ill be .....

Name : mihaela vatafu
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comment : What was the No-Thought for the Day Sunday,12 October 2003?

Name : Nisargam
e mail : ymenpara@hotmail.commailto:ymenpara@hotmail.com
comment : Its great to make humor around heavy message Love Nisargam

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comment : great site - original OSHO.COM sucks dick on satan. They sell shit !

Name : Chetas
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comment : WOOOOOOOOH!!! I has been such a joy to visit your site. Thank you.

Name : intheheartist
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comment : aS i read yOur site (for an hour or so) i came to see that yOu are missing a few things, and that yOu may well be letting yOur own conditioning get the best of you! im talking about yOur Left-style analysis of the leading aggressors in the world ....

Name : sw prem naseem
e mail : oshodhyan9999@yahoo.co.in
comment : i was waiting since long for this site on my screen but ?

Name : Arjuna
URL : www.hogueprophecy.com
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comment : Hi Devkrishna, Sorry it took so long to reply to this. Love your site! I have your comic books in my library. I'll get this link up on my web site the next time I update it. Lots of love and giggles, Arjuna

Name : Vimal
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comment :

Name : You next ...
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comment : Belove Osho lovers... thank you very much for this amazing otoooooooooonzzz Osho books and webs are the greaaaaaaaatest treasures ever.. we have been translating and writing osho in arabic for many years thousands arabs are reading our websites daily, even many arabs presedents now are reading and seeing his truth!!! i would like you to notice that the Arabic auto translation link you have on Otoons is not good at all translation from english to arabic cannot be done like: i.e english to french in arabic there are manyyy meanings to each english word, and i tried to read these web-traslation.. it was soo bad and foggy. you can put links to our webs for arabs readers, and it is our joy to share all osho books and articles with all.. let all our webs shine with best osho love and light and laughter... we are one.. Love, Asho Vimal (Alaa' Alsayid)
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