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Name : Andy Deemer
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comment : Hi Otoons -- I like your "create your own religion" article alot. We're producing a film based on a similar concept: we're looking for a messiah, guru, or prophet to head up the new religion that we'll then sponsor. Would you be willing to add a link to the article, letting people know about this opportunity? (It's certainly relevant!) The site and application are at www.startyourownreligion.org (off line now) -- I think you'll enjoy them.
Thanks alot!

Name : You next ...
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comment : love you swetheart, u made me lough and cry both at the same time. i working in middle east away from india and missing osho too much here... i don't know how to thank you for lovely website. beautiful pictures of master. gratitudes!!! lots of love !!!!!!!! hugs!!!!!!!!!!!! ana

Name : Neeraj
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comment : Dear Krishna,
I spent some time today looking at your web site and I came across the pics from Goa, Poona and Corfu, it was such a joy to see so many of my old friends again in fact it brought tears to my eyes. Very touching to see everybody and I feel that wonderful connection we all have so much fun playfulness joy and intimacy -- -- -- -- great stuff!!
I guess it was like a bit of a lifeline for me because I often feel quite isolated not being able to travel so easily any more and dealing with the limitations of my situation., sometimes I would love to be able to just get on a plane and drop myself in Goa or Corfu and hang out with all of you guys.
I get a lot of physical pain 24/7 and it's a real drag, really frustrating and fucking difficult to deal with. Very difficult to meditation or feel the presence although now when I say that I could feel the presence so it's not really 100% true.
I'm live in in London my partner Alankar and we have got a fabulous house.
I have got live-in PA 24/7 to take care of me get me out dressed me wash me prepare my meals to me out to my appointments etc etc etc.
Anyway it feels good to make contact after such a long time so I send lots of love and warm hugs to you and Meera

Name :
eric lang
e mail : eric_lang@hotmail.com
comment : Hey,
I'm a devotee of another nobody Neem Karoli Baba, and I read Remember Be Here Now so many times, with the fucking empty chair on the cover...
You guys totally got the cosmic joke, much love, life and laughter...
WOW. It does feel like your on LSD all the time, I know you guys know how it is...
I have such a new found respect for Osho even though I heard so many critiques of him... wow, just for that comic book he's worth while... what a fucking great sense of humor!
Peace and Love,
Another somebody trying to realize nobodiness

Name : swami dhyan aka a boka mystik
e mail : eric_lang@hotmail.com
comment : I LOVE OTOONS..This is one of my favourie websites and I am surely an Osho-holic. I have posted the link on my site. This is the osho real osho movement, I can feel the oceanic energy of this site! Anyways, I am a rapper who is inspired deeply by Osho.
Check out my site

Name : Rens
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comment : I am grateful for finding this site, I really appreciate it and it looks good, thanx!

Name : BuddhaHill
e mail :
comment : Please note: Satsang is originally a beautiful name for a mysterious happening that can be neither described nor named. Meanwhile it looks like Satsang is being reduced to a fashion or a business. Now having observed over the years the circus that is going on (read the rest on my site)

Life is always surprising, always changing! So it is time for a change now. The BuddhaHill Satsang Community is going through a transition. We will be back in 7 days. The new birth will take place at the 22nd of January 2005 at midnight under: ... (read the rest on my site)

Name : Sx
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comment : Why you tuned off the light ? you had so fear to stop the light of your beingness www.otoons.com/eso/nomind.htm?

Devakrishna's answer:
SX, u forgot to click the "no-mind" link.

Name : atmo Ketan
URL : www.lightronixprod.com
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comment : Nice people around the world! Im stuck in my world, but happy and enjoying seeing all the friends around this little world. A big hug to all of you Ciao Ketan

Name : Aneesha
e mail : devaaneesha@hotmail.com
comment : Krishna! I am enjoying your site immensely, and come back to it again and again. Love, Aneesha

Name : ageho
e mail : ageho@hotmail.com
comment : Thank you so much for horoscope. Sounds like number 116 nights!

Name : loredana
e mail : anandloredana@hotmail.com
comment : love to all

Name : Jagruti
e mail : jaguhaas@yahoo.com
comment : Such a gift, your beautifull photo album. Thank you! xxx Jagruti, Adam

Name : prem kumari
e mail : onitamo@yahoo.com
comment : Hi Deva Krishna, I liked very much your web with joke about enlightened sannyasins.. after some time you removed it . you wrote ..everybody is enlightened.. I had some sad feeling.. What hapened to this playful joking boy Deva Krishna?

Name : nityanando
e mail : nityanando@maglobe.netnityanando@maglobe.net
comment : Hey Krishna and da gang. Great to see the photos, so many fond relexions... Makes me want to connect in the High season again. Perhaps Ill see ya soon. ciao4now

Name : prem vartan
URL : www.groups.yahoo.com/group/osho_vision/
e mail : premvartan_osho@yahoo.co.in
comment : Just Marvelous Work on otoons. I was looking for such person. Where can I contact you, creator of this website? Do visit my group & see what am I doing!

Name : gisanil
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comment : HI

Name : pauscat
URL : argentina
e mail : pauscat@hellokitty.com
comment : yeahhh all those gaps!

Name :Greetings from The Ancient One
e mail : mteal@interlynx.net
comment :Hello Marco
I was Traversing the world wide web on a Path to Personal Discovery when I found the Unique Individual Energy which is your website. I Enjoyed your Free Expression and Applaud your efforts. Your site is a rare gem , a Creative Manifestation and Openhearted Contribution to the Web of Cyberspace. Thank you for Sharing your Energetic Impression. May you Dance in the Suns Freedom as you Celebrate your Lifes Harvest.

My name is Micheal Teal . I am an Empath , Shamanic Practitioner , Poet and Soul Counselor in Hamilton Ontario Canada. I found your pages to be Bursting with Life. A Field of Imagination that is a Special Gift and Treasure. May all who view it Celebrate who you are. Thank you for Sharing your Vibrant and Unique Voice. I wish you an Existence where you See your own Beauty and Live the Life you Deserve.

May you Aspire to your Dreams as you Live your Greatness and Explore your Sacred Earth Purpose.

Yours in Vision and Leadership Micheal Teal The Ancient One

Name : Amy Walters
URL : continentalrelay.com
e mail : valid@continentalrelay.com
comment : I like your site, you did a good job!

Name : Wendelin
URL : wendelin.microblend.de
e mail : wendelin@lycos.de
comment : Hi Krishna, you are really doing a n amazing job there :-) Wishing you all the best... I'm not amused, that you seem to be moving away from our beautiful black forest. R U serious?!

Name : Ma Prem Satta
e mail : joniseeber@hotmail.com
comment : Krishna, Your website is phenomenal! Even though to the uninformed eye the information presented within the website could seem a little unreliable, the section titled: "Osho's Life" is actually the most reliable and comprehensive representation of facts About Osho and Sannyas that I have found on the internet. And by the time I read the last words, I was moved tears. Thank you for your dedication to this wonderful website. Gruzie, Satta.

Name : Niskriya Stonehead
URL : stonehead.de/
e mail : stonehead@snafu.de
comment :Thanks - had a look onto your site - the first OSHO Animation - female and male orgasm - great. The one about money also of course! Love Niskriya Stonehead

Name : Abodha
e mail : abodha@iis.com.br
comment : Devakrishna A very new New Year, with much Love. Thanks for all the jokes and all. Abodha (from Osho Sukul Meditation Center, Rio de Janeiro).

Name :Arpito
e mail : arpito@onlinehome.de
comment : Hi Krishna I enjoyed hanging out with you and Meera the other night. I just visited your site in the Wild Wild Web. Great for a good chuckle! Tuns of work I bet!

Name : Toby Burnett
e mail : azratoby@hotmail.com
comment : he site was a joy ..I am new to Osho.....thank you ...Toby

Name : Deepak
e mail : deepakfrench@yahoo.com
comment : Hi Devakhrisna!! Thanks for the jokes.

Name : Dietmar
e mail : Dietmar_Seidel@t-online.de
comment : ..Thanx for your jokes an linx...they certainly will help on my way to permanent enlightment...;-) greetings Dietmar

Name :Prem Vimal
e mail :
comment : ciao bello ..... grazie per il sito che mi hai fatto,

spero scendi qualche volta qui' in Ticino
abraccio forte
Vimal e Vilma

Name : ma Amrit Sundari
e mail : sundari@syrene.it
comment : Hy Krishna,I enjoy a lot your site...also my non-sannyasin friends!ad maiora ... when you feel come to visit me in Positano love Sundari

Name : Prem Parimal
e mail : osho@parimal.de
comment :Beloved Devakrishna! Thanks a lot for this good lough in the morning Love to you!!!Maybe you come and visit us here in parimal ... Prem Parimal-team

Name : Shivam Gitesh
URL : artfromzen.com
e mail : gitesh@artfromzen.com
comment :Hi beloveds: Otoons is great!

A must for everybody ....... check it out!!!!!!!!

Name : harida
URL : nazcamusic.com/
e mail : nazca@nazcamusic.com
comment :Hi Krishna, this site is really the best sannyas site I have ever seen, we have been hanging in front of the comp for hours already. Harida

Name : Sucheta
e mail : Lovesucheta@cs.com
comment :GREAT!!! And thanks!

e mail : ahrnic@yahoo.com

Name : Amitabh
URL : weizengras.de
e mail :amitabh@weizengras.de
comment :hey krish, your Site is super cool, get your ass over here sometime!


Name : Jody Hall
e mail : Mazoonist@cs.com
comment : I visited your site, and was pretty impressed ....

thanks for using my toons on your site, i linked back to u from mine

Name : Wiblur the Once
e mail :
comment :While surfing for weirdness this morning, I stumbled upon a site buy a devotee of Osho (formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - onetime leader of those wacky cultsters in Oregon). Osho Tunes - Cartoons from Krishna. http://www.otoons.com/
If you ignore the accompanying text, ("Here we are creating a Noah's Ark of CONSCIOUSNESS, remaining centered exactly in the middle of the cyclone.") there are some great drawings and you can even download their comic book The Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair.
Examples: http://www.otoons.com/mysticrose/ark3.htm
- the Ark. Gee, I guess we're not the only ones with a wacky Ark.
- The Empty Chair Is it just me or does the magic chair look like a diaper on acid?

It's just you. I thought it looked like an oyster, a shoe, and an open mouth, post-uvulectomy, all at the same time.
Glenn Knickerbocker -email: NotR@bestweb.net

Name : Veet Faye
e mail : faye@precise.org
comment :Hi!! I am an AVID FAN of TOONS!! Congratulations!! Love, Veet Faye

Name : Sugit
URL : webdezignservices.com
e mail : sugit@webdezignservices.com
comment : Hi Devakrishna We are a Sannyas web design studio specialized in Flash. We got your letter and visited your Otoons site and we had had a great laughter.... feel free to visit our site at: www.webdezignservices.com Check out the 'Gallery' under 'webdes

Name : Chaitanya Keerti
URL : meditate-celebrate.com
e mail : chaitanyakeerti@usa.net
comment : BelovedsI have just started a website for the Sannyasins' activities around the world.I will try to get all the information and media reports about Osho on this web-site. You are also welcome to report to me any significant event in your area ...

Name : Deev
e mail : deev@chello.nl
comment : Deva Krishna Hey ... thanks for the great diwali!!!

Name : Sw. Lucian
URL : vectordesign.de
e mail : XANOY@aol.com
comment : We like your site very much, it's great. So funny, playful and creative.

Name :Vimal + Wilma
e mail :
comment : ciao caro, evviva, evvivia, evviva!!! Ti voglio super bene, grazie per il lavoro che hai fatto con i comics, sono molto entusiasta. lots of love to you and meera

Name : Devopama
e mail : anacecilia@valenet.com.br
comment : beloved devakrshna, congratulation for your work,goodjob!please go on giving us reason to laugh.i've got your book and i've passed it on to many people.love.....laughter..... devopama

Name : Vim
e mail : vimalgrace@hotmail.com
comment : Congratulations!!!It is amazing! Beautiful!Fantastic that you did it!

Name :vayu
e mail : vayu1@hotmail.com
comment : Looks fantastic .... nice colors. ... still more to come I hope. LoveVayu

Name : Firak or Rahasya
e mail : sonja.kotar@guest.arnes.si
comment : thanks a lot for putting up this fantastic site i'm a lover of a good comic and have been to Pune often. my family enjoyed your comix too. Love firak

Name : Prasado
e mail : prasado@lightage.com
comment : Hi Devakrishna Thanx for the link amazing stuff. Prasado Cape Town South Africa

Name :Shantidharm
URL : .deeshan.com
e mail :
comment : once again I appreciate your website very much, just discovered it, so much fun...

Name : Rama Prem
e mail : Ramaprem@aol.com
comment : Dear Devakrishna, Thanks for the news. Happy to hear that you are still doing things that are frowned upon by others. Keep up the bad work. Love, Rama Prem

Name : Samashti
e mail :samashti@iis.com.br
comment : Thanks! I loved it. Samashti.

Name :Rupda
URL : rupda.com
e mail : rupda@infoasis.com
comment : Yo!

Name : Rani
e mail : ranimu@satsang.de
comment :Beloved krishna Thanks for your update. i visited the site . The cartoon looks great and the site is fun. What a joke that it was banned from the previous site. This world is truly so funny Who is running this site? Thanks for keeping me posted. love it

Name :pakhi
e mail : pakhi@earthling.net
comment :I really like your website, a jiucy one finally! Love you both Paax

Name :Srajano
e mail : srajano@sympatico.ca
comment : Thanks to Devakrishna for the link to the Osho comics...Such beautiful riotously funny images reflecting Osho's energy and the life of the Poona ashram at its best. I was also inspired while in Poona to create some funny stuff, but my medium is songs ...

Name : Rakesh
e mail : anandrakesh@hotmail.com
comment : Beloved thanks for the lovely image of showering grace it is lovely and a to the point reminder of what this 'long strange trip' is really all about happy new year love rakesh

Name :Dhyan Anutosho-Toshi
e mail : toshi-nory@advalvas.be
comment : hi devakrishna, i visited your side, really nice especially the cosmic effects i visit your page again for sure all my love and make the universe as colourfull as possible see you swami dhyan anutosho-toshi

Name : David Deva
URL : telactive.net
e mail : ddgoldberg@telactive.net
comment :Devakrishna's site is a gas.

He has a link to a site called Sarlos Guru Ratings which shouldn't be missed.

Particularly check out his rating Michael Barnett.
The guy has a sense of humor!!!!

Name : Adoshi
e mail : adoshi@tiscalinet.it
comment : finally some light... ness !!!! thanks sundari, for addressing me, and thanks devakrishna for doing it love adoshi

Name :Maxine
e mail : magicmaxi@cmaaccess.com
comment :your cartoons are very funny and we in the cafe enjoy them so very much. are you in the osho zen tarot club? i have not seen you post - peace and love, -maxi

Name :Pravas
e mail : prasana@ctcreuna.cl
comment : very fun .... :-)

Name : Gomati/Avibha
e mail : gomati@earthlink.net
comment : Beloved Devakrishna Our Beloved Osho smiles and giggles throughout this love offering in the guise of a web site! Your devotion is ozzing all over this beautiful site.... I love it, thanks....everloving Gomati

Name :Jas
e mail : jaswant1@mail.com
comment : Just great work this is the way or rebels real sanyasins

Name : Gildo Goriani
e mail :
comment :fantastico......complimenti.....non sapevo Osho fosse cosi' matto......grazie perla dritta che questo sito mi ha dato, e lo raccomando a tutti ciao ... gildo

Name :Franco
e mail :
comment : ciao.............divertentissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! franco

Name :Saleem
e mail : satyamsaleem@hotmail.com
comment :Wow!Hotdamn! That's some wild shit you guys put together at this site! I am duly impressed and much enlightened by this obvious mega-effort on your part! Thanks for this super-creative spot on the wild wild web. Lots of Love Sal

Name : Ma Prem Anugatha
e mail :
comment : Amore, this is fantastico, it´s fun and makes me feel connected. It´s time to buy an i mac. Un bacio from your good old friend

Name : Perttu Koppinen
e mail : perttu72@yahoo.com
comment :Hi! This is a crazy punk rocker-turned sannysin from Finland...

I´m 29 and male.
If you guys like stories and gossips, I´d really like to tell you about my latest trip to Köpenhagen, Denmark!
Some of this is pretty freaky stuff... but I think it´s taught me, or REMINDED me, of some things in life that you should avoid... mainly drugs in this case.
And also how crazy the mind can sometimes get...
Well, my opinion at the moment is that the mind can be used wisely, and it should be treated gently.
I think now that the mind can be kept in balance, if you just stay calm and relaxed and breathe peacefully.... Well, anyway... We left my hometown in Vammala, Finland with my friend Jakke, a crazy 90%-tattooed punk... my best friend and enemy! We went first to Stockholm, and from there to Köpenhagen, by boat and train.
We were supposed to be a whole month, travelling around Europe, we bought interrail-tickets with which you can travel for a month, by train.
I only lasted for 4 days!... But luckily made it back home alive! Jakke is still on the road.
He´s not really a lover of Osho like I am... but I´ve been telling him about Osho and meditation, and he is concerned about the world situation and all. And certainly he is a rebel of sorts! So... we got to Köpenhagen and of course the first logical place to go to in there was Christianstad, a kind of a "free zone" within the city.
Soft drugs, mainly hashish and psychedelic mushrooms are available there. They have stands where you can buy them.
I heard the cops don´t really even interfere with this, although they know about it... Denmark is very liberal. I made a solemn vow to myself 2 years ago to never smoke that stuff again...And I´ve been keeping my promise! But I drank a few beers... I felt so free, like you often feel when you travel, the stuff is practically legal there... so I smoked some.
We spent the night under the stars and giggled and joked, were pretty scared too,at times... Anyway... I really didn´t get any sleep... and in the morning we went to the central railway station, a neurotic, awful place in my opinion.
Then I started feeling really bad and started hearing these voices in my head. I recognized some, my yoga instructor from italy, Mother Ammachi, G.G. Allin( this really crazy american rock star, dead now...)... They were telling me all kinds of things, mainly warning me not to go to germany!
It was really scary, Jakke got worried, ´cause I was acting so strangely and panicing... He suggested I return home.
Then there was the endless trainride to Stockholm... I couldn´t sleep and there were these voices in my head all the time... some friendly, and some really scary and hostile. The other people in the train were looking at me like "Oh wow, this guy´s really lost it!" It was terrible, but somewhere inside I was laughing and kidding about the whole thing!
I was thinking that I´m the last true existentialist in Sweden... and imagining that I´m J.Krishnamurti being harssed by the occultists!..Joking to myself...I was looking like a mess, smelling like shit, my clothes were all black, with leaves and grass and dirt stuck to them... and the punk-rock hairdo, of course... To top this all off, I had to spend the night in the street in Stockholm!
Nobody was helping me, although I was desperate and alone and freaking out... what a cold world! Anyway, I survived back home...
My trust in existence grew a lot.
It seems there´s someone above you helping you when you´re desperate and alone and crying to existence for help.
My love for Osho grew and I guess my sense of humour also developed. But now I´m gonna stay firmly at home for a long time and just meditate and forget about any half-assed trips to Köpenhagen for awhile!
Love you all, meditate and stay rebel! And take life non-seriously!

If you wish to write me:

or: Perttu Koppinen
Välikatu 7 a as. 1
38210 Vammala Finland

Name :Deva Yoshiro
e mail :
comment : It is a very pleasant site. Although English should just also be in an our site ... I am the partner of mansha. LOVE

Name : Bobby
e mail :


Name :Nirbija
e mail : nirbija@tin.it
comment : Beloved, caro Devakrishna,

thank you for notifiying me on your update with the tremendous Osho quote on terrorism.
It came in time: It really puts a different perspektive on things.
I feel sad again and again about these happenings.
As if I discover that the body of our earth (and mine) has cancer cells everywhere.
I mailed His quote to friends, who sent me petitions and similar stuff and of course mentioned your site.
Seeing your website again, I went through the links and want to ask you, whether you agree to a link exchange with my webpage on massagetables, tha t I build myself.
Have a creative time ... un abbraccio

Name : Prasuna
e mail : satyaprasuna@yahoo.com
comment : Ciao Krishna e grazie mille di questo invio che mi ha fatto proprio piacere... Come state? E Meera? Io sono diventata nonna di uno splendido bimbo che si chiama Jai Gabriel, sarò a Milano presto a lavorare in questo ristorante che apre un amico.

Tanto amore a te e a meera

Name : Kavisho
e mail :
comment :Evolution at this time, can only go by quantuum leap.

We are in it, just now.
An expansion that took the shape of an explosion of violence that shook the world.
A wake up call.
I am amazed at how fast everything moves.
From an individual consciousness to a much wider one, a global consciousness. Suddenly the vision has expanded, the dialogue and cooperation between nations has become village talk. Every one talks, writes...FEELS...
It's not so much about the solutions, resolutions, dissolutions... it's about becoming more Human, more supportive of each other, and hopefully evolving toward being One community of human beings, sharing life on this planet. The price will be high, as it seems the old beliefs are so rigid and hysterical, it will take great fight before understanding starts to rise. Maybe not, maybe it will happen fast, if we have to face global destruction... it will provoke global creation of a 'new man', whose consciousness will be pro life, pro creativity, prw beauty. It is exciting and scarry. So much is at stake. We all sense it.
On the morning of the 11th, I felt the need to get up early and do my Centering exercise, ending with a silent meditation... and to my surprise it unfolded into a visualization of giving light and love to so many friends all around the world... traveling all over the USA, south America, Europe, India, Indonesia, Australia and Japan. Never happened before in such an extensive way.
I got up to find out and watch on tv the WTC destruction... the plane crashing into the tower..... the global impact all over the planet.... I had >gooze pumps for hours.
On last sunday morning i had nightmares of war, bombs exploding, friends running and screaming, and seeing everyone ready to fight with whatever they could find, stones, sticks, guns... i woke up with a fast heartbeat, full of anxiety... and find out soon after that the bombing on Afghanistan had just started.
There is something invisible yet tangible, that connects us all, in a way i never experienced before. It makes me vulnerable, more human... compassion and attention is flowing towards my fellow travellers, all of you, and to so many more people, as i am part of you, you are part of me.
The family is getting way bigger and yet the sense of aloneness and vulnerabilty is at times absolutely huge.

I offer no great ideas, no right or wrong 'fixing'... I am just grateful to open my heart to you all.
With love


Name : Aseem
e mail : Poona 1 was fun eh!!!
comment :Hi Pal, This is Aseem, your old night guard buddy from those beautiful nights in Poona, been reading your O-Toons website for about a year and enjoying the fun, did'nt realize that you were responsible for this, till I read the hard core revue and laughed so much at it. Thanks for the fun and non-seriousness. So mate, where are you, I'm living in Germany at the moment, near Nürnburg, with Sahaja my partner. Take Care, write me sometime. Aseem

Name : Anand Rakesh
e mail :
comment : dear krish

hi ... just re-cruised yr. website after gap of many-few-some (i forget) months, and it really reaches heigts of sweet sophistication (its good) where i just wanted to keep exploring, it pulled me in and that does not happen with most sites which try to suck one in but end up only sucking.
I've been (a)musing lately a bit on the difference between master and masterbate. and have come to the conclusion that there sure is a difference.
But your site manages to walk that fine, razors edge between the two.
I love your devotion to Osho, and to the pathless path-- hugs to you and meera and keep up the good work--

roky the rock
Name : jalal
e mail :
comment : Hey Kreeeeeeesshnaaaaaa Mega cool mate. Methinks you have too much time on your hands. Love you.

Name : Harida and Nartan
URL : nazcamusic.com
e mail : nazca@nazcamusic.com
comment : Hi Krishna, I love your guru description, we had such a good laugh. Harida and Nartan

Name : geetika
e mail : sealark@bellsouth.net
comment : Ilove it.keep it coming.


Name : Pagalo
e mail : pagalo@infoasis.com
comment : Hey Krish. I guess you have alot of free time. XXOO

Name : saahas
e mail : jivansaahas@hotmail.com
comment : I will be giving limited admission darshan in Amsterdam. Fee is 200 gilder. My ego will be on display if I can find a big enough room

Name : Sanjiva
e mail : 96sounds@sympatico.ca
comment : Hey DevaKrishna Great site! Sanjiva

Name : Ma deva Urmi
e mail : madevaurmi@hotmail.com
comment :Thanks for the Osho web site very amusing out here in the dessert.....

Ma deva Urmi

Name : cosima
e mail : cosimauk@yahoo.com
comment :hi, I enjoyed your rating. but do you know Oshana?he has no website, just very pompous and dictatorial e-group forum, advertises himself everywhere though. I went to several of his meetings and never felt so uncomfortable.no so sannyas as pure zyppie

Name : Kayo
e mail : kayo@linknet.com.au
comment : Krrriiisshhna ! Wow & Bravo! I am officially impressed. Thanks to you & your partners in crime, I just spend my sunday afternoon visiting your site - and I am not even finished yet.

Great laugh!
Job well done.
Thank you heaps.
All my love.

Name : satdeva
e mail : satdeva@yahoo.com
comment : hi,krish great danke fuer die Witze.

So viele sannyas werden straight ,was ist den los. ich enyoy life,you know what i mean ? it is beatiful here ,desert flowers.
Come to ibiza this summer and drum
love you Satdeva

Name : ganga
e mail :
comment :

Name : dhyan vijay
e mail : vjkama@hotmail.com
comment : Im a very shallow person......... someday i hope to be completely empty

Name : Ma Herenow
e mail :
comment :Wow krrrreeesna you are so OSHO I love you for this ..Gomati/Avibha

Name : sabina tschudi
e mail :info@dreamers.ch
comment : Not involved in you path but in a shamanic tradition, I LOVE your sites and your sexy jokes. They truely add to the spiritual, sexual and virtual landscape and add spice to my (and many of my friends) computer work sessions. Please keep going! Sabina Cr

Name : Jody Hall
e mail : Mazoonist@cs.com
comment :I visited your site, and was pretty impressed ....

thanks for using my toons on your site, i linked back to u from mine

Name : Punjam
e mail :
comment : the site you made for puja http://www.love4couples.com i really like

greetings to meera

Name : Dopeananda
e mail : fredwahl@gte.net
comment : Have been satsanging around since 85 and have seen a lot of these stump jumpin Elmer Gantrys with Hindi names very american. "No one can help you" When you know that, you are starting to wake up and grow up. Love your ratings

Name : Perttu
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comment : Hi! This is a kind of a kind sannyasin with a crazy mind putting me in a bind... with the mind the answers I can´t find...Or so I´ve read at least. In Finland, living, loving, suffering, meditating... Trying to stay aloof and help anyone who can be helpfull to ......

Name : Terry Kaufman
URL : subtlety.4t.com
e mail : terrykaufman@hotmail.com
comment : I really enjoyed exploring and learning from your beautiful and insightful site...keep up the great work of creativity! Please visit my site, Subtlety, to add your site to Subtlety's Links Page and to add your thoughts to my guestbook, if you like.

Name : Abodha
e mail : XANOY@aol.com
comment :We like your site very much, it's great. So funny, playful and creative.

Name : Ruchi
e mail : kachiri@wanadoo.fr
comment : Hoi Khrisna, wia goots? Guet? Mir au. Guete discourse haesch broocht.

Gruess vo de Ruchi

Name : Amritbodhi Gruschwitz
e mail :
comment : Yes Osho - this yes is not a german yes in the sense of "I follow you"- it comes out of my work on myself and the beautiful experiences of meditations and the path of love and of my growing understanding what is going on right now. Everybody has to do his

Name : Sabina
e mail : dreamer@cyberlink.ch
comment : Hi. I always enjoy your otoon pages, the humor, the sex... and these days more so also the wisdom. THANKS for your work and for having me on your mailing list! I have been on a shamanic path for almost 20 year; had I not encountered this medicine I would probably be a sannyas also by now.

love Sabina

Name : Sw Sat Prem Swarupa
URL : oshana.org
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comment : Wow! Just seen Dave Oshana in action. This guy is Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and Osho in action! He doesn't call it Satsang but it's the real thing. www.sannyasnews.com recently did a review of his meetings.

Name : Vimal
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comment : Per l'USA Terror Attack .... Krishna 6 GRANDE

Name : Shunyam
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comment :Hallo Devakrishna, Kannst Du näheres über den Discours über Terrorism sagen. Datum und Name?

Möchten gerne das Video zeigen bei einer White Robe in grösserem Rahmen
Gruss Shunyam KETAN OMC Stuttgart

Name : Satyana
e mail : premsat@ilimit.es
comment : Carissimo Fratello, grazie del messaggio & felicitazioni per la super-pagina, bellissima & divertente.

A presto spero, in vivo o virtuale.
Un cordiale abbraccio con mucho Love & Laughter

e mail : oshosannyasin@yahoo.com
comment : Excellent presentation!!! Well Done, Folks

Name : narayani
e mail :narayani@mail.com
comment : Dear Krishna, thanks for your reminder about Osho on Terrorism... Took the opportunity to check out your webpage and found your section on music... I would also like to see my music in your webpage... I have my own CD now.. What would it take to get me in?

Name : satyaloka
URL : satyaloka.co.uk/
e mail : satyaloka@satyaloka.co.uk
comment : Your page on Osho talking about terrorism is really great.... well done!!!!

Love Satyaloka

Name : mahasukh
e mail : fareast@aminet.or.jp
comment : Yes, USA terror we are now translating it ! Your site has impressed me very much! You have wonderful site.

thank you mahasukh

Name : jihad
URL : lebanon
e mail : jojoo1@hotmail.com
comment : hi

Name : Swami Rajesh Chopra
URL : liveindia.com
e mail : rajesh@liveindia.com
comment : Dear Devakrishna Marco Giollo, Your site is realy very good. congratulations.

Swami Rajesh Chopra

Name : Buddhen
e mail : KatjaGoebel@t-online.de
comment : Amazing Website! Thanks and love Buddhen

Name : carina
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comment :

Name : Satrup
e mail : satrup@hotmail.com
comment : This is the best website I have found ever....thankyou...it's a buzz guys...love from me in Freo..West Oz

Name : mushtaq hussain
e mail : mushtaq_h_k@hotmail.com
comment : re: xxx bible. in 1986 i spent whole summer discovering that the bible contained wierd stuff, and I am glad now to see that somebodhy else could see the same.
mushtaq hussain

Name : mahtab
e mail :


Name : anad vasant
URL : onzou.com
e mail : Stephen z
comment : Namaste baba

A n a n d Vasant

Name : ma prem
e mail : seagull110@aol.com
comment : good to see productivity love the tarot had an insightful reading keep it up

Name : jonathan
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comment : cool site man, but you forgot our angels!!!LOL jonathan

Name : jay
e mail : jaywelde@yahoo.com
comment : hi osho si great! long live oshonomy

Name : robin
e mail : sky_blue22000@yahoo.co.uk
comment : I've just had a laugh surfing your site. Carry on!!!

Name : Ganga
e mail : gangahoffman@hotmail.com
comment : ....nothing special to sell or buy, but lots to share from Osho.........................like all of us......

Name : Lil' Ol' Me
e mail : egotrip@otoons.de
comment : Beloved Krishna, you are the greatest, your site is the most intelligent, fun and spiritual Osho site on the net, you are so intelligent, you are a true genius, an inspiration for me. I never laughed so hard in my life. Your site is a blessing....

Name : Juan Briceno
e mail : J.Briceno@wafra.com
comment : I guess you think that card trick is cool??

It is, but I know of a girl who wiil look for you for the dumb chick did not realize you are juts a damn fake.
If I ever see you around I will help you get unstocked by pumping a few bullets into your thick skull ( this is really an act of love...I am sure you would want to leave this filthy planet as soon as possible)
See you my beloved

Name : You next ...
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comment : I've been add a link pointing to your website since some time at http://www.axolotlvillage.com

At this point I would appreciate a lot if you can add a link from your linkpage pointing to my website.

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Love from Toci & Anna

Name : darknight
e mail : deja vue sur otoons
comment : hi today i an old marrocan friend whom i have not for a long time at a small bar; and he talled me (i have funny thing to show you)he opend his walt and there was a photo....itwas (make love not war)ben laden fucking bush.

all people present looked at it and we all have a good laugh.
this is otoooonss

Name : SW Shantam Khoji
e mail :
comment : Hi,iam SW Shantam Khoji from Brazil and just wanna say thank you for this wonderful site!

For us who love Osho is a great gift!
Keep doing this wonderful work and count on me!
With so much love:Khoji!!

Name : Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith CAC & CAT
e mail :
comment : Dear Krish: An incredible website -- so packed full of everything anybody would ever want to read. I could not agree with you more about your sentiments -- commentary on Terrorism and how we got this way.
Keep up the outstanding work Deva! Cheers,

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith Founder/Creator: Cartoonists Against Crime ©91 Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©01 1437 West Rosemont - lW Chicago, IL USA 60660-1319 USA
Name : Oz Thomas
e mail :
comment : I read The Mystic Rose: The first thing that struck me were some of the java effects you did- I haven't seen most of them before(the magnifying glass for example or the color effects are usually done with flash). The story of the floating chair and the way you put in your different ideas was quite well done. I like philosophy as an intense interest, and have read many different religious and philosophical texts and take it all very seriously, so I really liked your story(although I don't think this story is for everyone - but it's very well done). The thing I didn't like about the site, though was the navigational structure.The navigational structure seemed a bit confusing to me and I would think it would be to others, too. I suggest trying to simplify the structure so people can more easily navigate the site- draw a diagram and simplify it as much as possible. Take a look at some major sites to get some ideas. -Oz

Name : Ma Yoga Shanti
e mail :
comment : Dear DevaKrishna, I teach a meditation series of Active Meditations in different schools and hospitals in the greater Seattle area in Washington State, USA. I love the pictures of the mice doing the dynamic meditation and actually tried to copy them to put on the paper explaining the meditation. Only they do not come out so clear. So I was wondering if you could send me in an attachment a copy of the mice doing the various stages of the dynamic meditation. In that way, I can make the handout more beautiful. I love reading your comics. Love, Shanti

Name : Deva Nratyo
e mail :
comment : Salve Freunde, habe mir gerade erlaubt euer Kunstwerk anzupreisen.

Suuuuuuper eure Site, sehr schön gemacht und sehenswert.
Bin stolz auf meine Geschwister, die Hellen und Mutigen, die Weisen und Wachen.
Doch manchmal kommts mir so vor, unterscheiden wir uns nicht von den gläubigen und dummen Lämmchen draussen, der Meister hält sich den Bauch vor lauter Lachen.

Grüsse aus Berlin vom UN-ZEN-Zenchronisator
Deva Nratyo

Name : Aleksa
e mail : aleksa_6@yahoo.com
comment : Thank you,Osho! I have faith now!

Name : Me
e mail :
comment : I love Osho. I love Osho And I am so sad, cause darkness is back in our life. Darkness is back. There was a great light; that is gone, we're back in the shit. I'm so sad. It's back to the stupidity and idiocy of the world ...

Name : Hi
e mail :
comment : The Truth.

Name : Samarpan
e mail : hkccare@osho.net
comment : hey devakrishna and friends,

i just looked at the website otoon.de and i am amazed: this is the best what i have ever seen on the web.
plus i adore the humour and way you present osho ...
thannnkkkk yyooouuu!
love samarpan

Name : Miguel Bento
e mail : mailto:bentomiguel@arsenal-alfeite.pt
comment : I found your site surfing the net and find it very amusing!

I am not a sannyasin, nevertheless I have been hearing about Osho for quite some time, and efortlessly, my life have been taking the meditative path more and more.
I have been "entertaining" people organising meditative retreats I called "The Belly Button Encounters", please fell free to drop by at http://umbigo.com.sapo.pt/ and visit the site, perhaps we can join energies sometime in the future...:)

Encontros do Umbigo
Belly Button Encounters

Name : Glenn Knickerbocker
URL : magic_chair
e mail : full text google group
comment :
The Empty Chair Is it just me or does the magic chair look like a diaper on acid?

It's just you. I thought it looked like an oyster, a shoe, and an open mouth, post-uvulectomy, all at the same time.

Name : You next ...
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comment : Go for it!!

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