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Name : Sharan
URL : www.sharan.exto.nl/
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Comment or Gossip : he krish we gave a party in amsterdam as a reunion from the commune 400 people came to dance and meet maybe something for the gossip page You can look at the pictures of the Orange Full Moon Party by clicking on the following link: http://www.flickr.com/gp/25632125@N02/h616S9. These pictures are not public, but only available through this URL.  If you want to share the pictures with your friends, please ask them to only to share them with trusted friends. Please add this privacy statement to your messages.

Name : Mariam Nour
URL : www.alaalsayid.com
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Comment or Gossip : only a smile will touch our hearts beyond miles osho is our oooooooonly life...thank u Devakrishna just now qazzafi the president of libya spoke to the Arabs from osho love.. they knew that because of reading osho he is more aware and simple than any mafiaaas.. osho is the only way to peace thaaaank u for being one with our ONE.. i leaaaaaaaaaaaave my dream to dream.. thank u our beloved oshos

Name : Sw. prem plavan
E mail : plavan@hetnet.nl
Comment or Gossip :

Name : julian
E mail : juliancito80@hotmail.com
Comment or Gossip : i´ve been attending to an osho center four about 4 months but i´m really concern about what they can do ? (i´m really worried because i´m not sure)what i´m trying to do with my body-mind? HELP please.

Name : ramadhan
E mail : ramadhan35@hotmail.com
Comment or Gossip : for Disha...I cannot believe that so much beauty has left this shore...you are truly a beloved and blessed one.....my heart with you....Ramadhan

Name : S
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Comment or Gossip : Check out the recent movie Holy Smoke (2003) with Kate Winslett to see how the media is trying to portray certain people. Check out books by David Icke in particular And the truth shall set you free

Name : satya
URL : satyaprem@yahoo.com
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Comment or Gossip : GOOD NEWS: I heard that Rani is going back to her prevoius job...the nurse! Maybe Miss Drama Queen has got that her awakening was just a childish dream! We wont miss her...

Name : unknown sannyasin
E mail : amano_club@yahoo.com
Comment or Gossip : What if...Osho Buddha that ends up in a Primary Position of Rajneesh sannyasins, after VISITING several meditation centers starts viewing life of Rajneesh as grossly substandard in contrast to lives of currently living real Masters. Is Osho Buddha in livi

Name : What left Oshos body
E mail : amano_club@yahoo.com
Comment or Gossip : Subtle Bodies that left Rajneeshes body ask you not to cut this message. Dear Sannyasins, Do you remember Osho saying that Zen is an antidote to all poisons? Do you know Zen teachings well enough to have some intellectual even understanding of the

Name : Briggs Datubo
URL : www.finebriggs.5u.com
E mail : shine4briggs.5u.com
Comment or Gossip : ur good on......

Name : chris
E mail : dcsplash bigpond,au
Comment or Gossip : at the moment Im aware of feeling utterly miserable so i would like to thank all responsible for this wonderful site for helping me ease the pain

Name : shivamurti
E mail : shivamurti2001@yahoo.com
Comment or Gossip : the war in Iraq was a band-aid solution to the greater problem we have in the world,but it did free the iraqi people to chose a different kind of suffering.and it did remove one monster from power,so i would say bush did 1 good deed for the wrong reason

Name : Just4youxo
URL : http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/osho_osho/
E mail : daleksa@hotkey.net.au
Comment or Gossip : Swami Shunyam Kartar attempts to create online Buddhafield. LOve is his message and all are welcomed.

Name : Nirava
URL : With all my love
E mail : merchanhilda@hotmail.com
Comment or Gossip : Nice

Name : Sw amano srijan
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Comment or Gossip : I am listening to innocence from om mani padme hum series yahoooooooooooooo

Name :
E mail : prakash@maui.net
Comment or Gossip : happy enlightenment day to one and all love prakash

Name : manish
E mail : bunty0033@yahoo.com
Comment or Gossip : I felt BLISS! in the pictures BLISS = Own Nature Of Joy!

Name : Prayoga
URL : http://people.tribe.net/prayoga
E mail : gaytarot@gmail.com
Comment or Gossip : What a wonderful hilairious 0shhh0 site. You helped me in a single moment over my 0shhh0 aversion. I was initiazed by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now I refound 0shhh0. The Zero Experience!!!!!

Name : Navya
URL : http://conigliarosa.splinder.com/
E mail : rosaconiglia@yahoo.it
Comment or Gossip : The best sannyasin site around till now. *_* I love Osho Cartoons *_*

Name : love for you!
E mail : satishirt@rupda.com
Comment or Gossip : great site keep up the heart work!

Name : munna
URL : sufis like bulleshah and sai farid talked much about love rather it is all love they say. Can we share some words about love from the sufi saint
E mail : munna.khullar@yahoo.co.in
Comment or Gossip :

Name : rakesh
URL : we love you all
E mail : c_rakesh1983@yahoo.co.in
Comment or Gossip : i love you all

Name : amit
E mail :
Comment or Gossip : good way to spread oshos message!!! like the way he wanted to spread it, thru humour. keep up the good work love,

Name : Nandan
E mail : nandan.s@libero.it
Comment or Gossip : Ciao Krishna, how are you? Was so beautiful out of the blue meeting you at the Chiemsee... we are back home in Tuscany and I am again and again looking for the photos here in your web site, you wanted to put them in from Dishas second celebration in Ger

Name : EuGeNe
URL : http://www.startpage.gr
E mail : corfuplanet@yahoo.com
Comment or Gossip : Thank you for this wonderful Site! I love Osho! I love you all..! Kisses from Corfu-Greece

Name : Spiritual Terrorists
E mail : spiritualterrorists@yahoo.co.in
Comment or Gossip : So when I say, Spread the word, I mean whatever I have been telling you, go on spreading in as many ways as possible. Use all the news media, use everything that technology has provided, so that the word reaches to every nook and corner of the earth --

Name : Euphemia
E mail : sweetyeuphy@yahoo.co.uk
Comment or Gossip : I comment on people who go on media and talk shit of people more especially people in the government.They should stop because that shows how manerless the country is.Thank you.

Name : maria
URL : sure fantastic
E mail :
Comment or Gossip : a big crazy kiss

Name : ChaMeera
URL : www.buddhahill.de
E mail : chameera@buddhahill.de
Comment or Gossip : Bioenergetics, Breathing Session, BuddhaHill Intensive, BuddhaHill Tibetan Tantra, Celebration, Fire Show, Firework, Gurdjieff, Heart Singing, Hugging, Live Music, Morning Talks with Pan, Mystery Play, Massage, Open Stage, Osho Meditations, Sacred Dances,

Name : Anurag Katha
URL : www.paramdhamcenter.com
E mail : anuragkatha@gmail.com
Comment or Gossip : Thailand/Koh Samui OSHO PARAMDHAM MC daily Meditations like Kundalini & Dynamic

Name : ide piggy
E mail : isundelin@yahoo.no
Comment or Gossip : I wanna have a male wild mandala

Name : Ma Anand Leandra
E mail :
Comment or Gossip : I love this site. Great to find so many links to Osho people. Kepp up the good work - and if any of you come to visit South Africa, contact me - I would love to meet you. Namaste Leandra

Name : ChaMeera
URL : www.novutopia.net
E mail : chameera@buddhahill.de
Comment or Gossip : BuddhaHill - NOW HERE - a play beyond the known, the spirit of the New Man for free order on http://www.buddhahill.de A documentary on a spiritual experiment in a style that has never happened before. A 108 minutes impression of the inner work-play h

Name : jehan variava
E mail : ram3693@gmail.com
Comment or Gossip : beloved oho . i have been reading yr books and it has opened me a lot . it has changed me completely from my very inner form . its like a new birth to me . all this past life i was living in black clouds although i m still 21 by age . but still facing rea

Name : swami abhinav
URL : none
E mail : piarajesh@yahoo.com
Comment or Gossip : can anyone tell me about death of one of my close friend swami sangeet who died last week in germany. he was from goirgia

Name : Lost
E mail :
Comment or Gossip : Hi there Vishnuprem Be careful...searching for the simple truth at the Club, may be the most depressing activities of your life, and bring you at that which Viveck was brought to,hahaha.... but that of course were not supposed to know at least so it seem

Name : The Edge
E mail : edge_44@gsm.com
Comment or Gossip : nothing has change ! the same guys of always, smily Prachantam, the latin lover Francesco, the same always the same celebrating i do not know what ? when Osho is long ago gone, gone where how knows but obviously not ascended because this posibility is ava

Name : A sannyassin
URL : EXCELLENT,I salute ur work
E mail : fazriz@gmail.com
Comment or Gossip : NO COMMENT FOR THE DAY

Name : Ruchi
E mail : premruchi@blueyonder.co.uk
Comment or Gossip : Sad about Asanga... missed to have another laugh with him. Would like to get in touch with Niharika again. lots of love Ruchi

Name : yousef
URL : hi iam yousef i need to mony couse travel to italy.i need to help quikly any time . my mobil : 00962795880964 thank you .
E mail : yousef02002@yahoo.com
Comment or Gossip : thank you

Name : Andy Deemer
E mail : andy@yellowonionproductions.com
Comment or Gossip : You can now start your own religion for real.

Name : asanga
E mail :
Comment or Gossip : Ho lasciato Poona nel 2001 e con il posto anche un pochino il mondo sannyasin e devo ammettere che rivedere vecchi friends mi ha toccato.Grazie.

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